Back! (this time it’s for real)

Sitting in front of my computer in this office, which I’d bid farewell to by the end of this week, feels unreal.
Krabi has been great.
Apologies for the lack of updates and pictures, for I’ve been really zonked out since we touched down last Thursday night.

Just for the record, I am now two shades darker, rested and happier.
Fortunately, the rain, which was pouring oh-so persistently the night we arrived and the whole of the following day, stopped and gave us the chance to go on our elephant-trekking and island-hopping adventure.

There was nothing to do on Monday, since we arrived at, what, 10pm? and it was all dark and gloomy and stormy by the time we turned in.

Tuesday was spent cursing the rain (though being a person who can nuah an entire day away, I couldn’t really say I minded), trying to swim before it rained again, enjoying Thai massage, watching ESPN in the resort room, eating, and basically doing nothing.
We had so much fun catching the semi-finals of some spelling bee competition on ESPN.
The words were really chim and un-heard-of, and the young contestants were surprisingly skilled in asking for hints:

What’s the language of origin, please?
Any alternate pronounciation, please?
Definition, please?
Can you use it in a sentence, please?

We went slightly crazy trying to guess the spelling of those words, but of course, to no avail. Those kids were just too amazing.
We cannot imagine how a spelling bee contest would be like in Singapore —

To spell: Buay Tahan
Origin: Hokkien & Malay, to Singlish
Alternate pronounciation: Nope, but maybe just buey-tahan
Definition: Cannot stand it, lah
Sentence: I really buay tahan the rain.

Ok, we were cooped up in the resort for too long.

Our spirits were slightly dampened on Wednesday morning when we saw the slight drizzle after breakfast, and the travel agency which we booked the island-hopping trip with refused to bring us out, citing poor weather as the excuse reason for not being able to do so.
The bf turned into a GOM (read: grumpy old man) when he saw another travel agency bringing people out for the same tour, and thus I suggested going for the elephant-trekking trip instead, since it was not really contingent on good weather. And the weather turned out to be really bright and sunny, which was a good thing, except that it made the GOM grumble even more.
The elephant-trekking was quite a different experience. Imagine sitting about a storey above ground level, brushing against bushes and trees as you move along the jungle, sitting on a hungry elephant who was constantly trying to rip off all the leaves and branches and putting them into her mouth. :)
And then it was some (real) swimming, foot reflexology, nice walk by the beach, and dinner.

We managed to squeeze in an island-hopping trip on Thursday, before we head home. It was a 4-island tour by the speed-boat, and as the name suggests, we were to hop on to 4 different islands and spend some time on each of them.
Met some funny Singaporeans on the boat, who insisted on asking the tour guide the names of the islands, over and over again, as if they’d be able to remember them.
I forgot the names the minute I stepped out of the boat. Haha.
The only island I could remember was the Chicken Island, for it is the only one with an English name, and it really did look like a chicken. :P
Anyhow, it was fun basking in the sun, snorkelling (first time!), and walking aimlessly on the beaches..

And then it was time to go home..

It has been one hell of a great trip! :P
Pictures when I get the camera back from the bf, I mean, I’d try to post them. Hee.

4 thoughts on “Back! (this time it’s for real)”

  1. glad u had a good recharge!
    we are going end july, seems like we are hitting the monsoon head on eh, but we are a nua bunch who can just sit in hotel and watch tv , haha!
    anyway let’s have lunch when u move over yah :)


  2. ~y~: have fun! it’s fun! haha..

    yann: yes i heard! but the weather’s really bad – with only 1.5 sunny days, we could only go for one island-hopping trip, and that’s on the day we were supposed to leave krabi. but i~ will~ be~ back~! :P

    topo: yeah.. u can go for the massages as well! another 1.5 weeks before i join, stay tuned! i can meet for lunch/dinner next week too, it’s my break.. :)


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