Auntie talk

I know,  I know.
I always laugh at the bf whenever he makes a comment or asks questions about some characters he sees on TV.
Eh? So the who ended up with the who?
Is the who blind to end up with this who?

I cannot help but tell him he’s so ‘auntie’. Haha.

But as the title of this entry suggests, I am about to do the same thing.

I’m probably one of the last people on earth (or in Singapore at least) who is still catching the Desperate Housewives everydamnmonday.
Sure, there was a point in time I got quite irritated with the serial for its utterly unnecessary death counts.. but still continued watching it. It was almost like my love-hate relationship with Mediacorpse, though in all fairness, DHW is still better.

Something struck me tonight when I was lamenting over Susan Meyers’ choice.
Struggling between the sweet American and the suave Brit, she finally chose Ian (the Brit), whom she was engaged to, over Mike, whom she was once (and probably still is) in love with.
(For the benefit of the majority who most probably do not know what’s happening and to cut the long story short, Mike was Susan’s boyfriend, who was about to propose to her when he met with a car accident. He went into a long coma, during which Susan met Ian who was taking care of his comatose wife in the same hospital. Mike eventually woke up, but lost his memory. By the time he regained his memory, Susan was engaged to Ian.)
When Mike left her a goodbye message, she replayed it, not knowing that Ian was just standing behind her.
In the end, Ian chose to leave her as well.

“Susan, you deserve to be happy. And I deserve to be happy too.”
“I would forget him, I am already trying to.”
“I cannot live the rest of my life, seeing you with that wistful, faraway look and trying to guess if there is someone else on your mind.”


Sometimes we decide on something (or someone, for that matter) only because we’re obliged to.. and sometimes we forget to follow what our hearts tell us to.

I seldom follow my heart.. because I am under the impression that my heart is as direction-blind as I am. Haha.
And sometimes I try a little too hard to look oh-so rational and logical.
I guess it just seems to beat following the heart blindly and then ending up with a really bad wound.

Ok, nothing cryptic here. Just a little random thought.

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