Can’t quite believe that I am actually sitting in a hotel room in Tokyo, writing this.



I have decided that this would be a good trip because it started with me sitting beside a rather good-looking guy in the plane. Haha.
He spoke Japanese but was not holding on to a Japan passport. I wonder why. Oh, and he was wearing red boxers.

Anyway it was freezing outside. I think i looked totally ridiculous with all the clothes piled on. Surprisingly I didn’t quite freeze my butt off, but my fingers were totally numb with the cold – despite¬†wearing gloves.
I guess this is the only time being fat helps. Haha.

The ride from the Narita airport to the hotel took 2 hours. I had fun trying to read all the signage, building names, whatsoever.
Came across this neon-lit hotel sign saying “Rest – 3800Yen. Sleep – 5800Yen”, which I thought was quite funny.

Arrived at the hotel, and JB actually left me a note! Haha. Basically telling me I could call room service for the very famous sushi, and that we can meet at the lobby tomorrow before going off for the consumer session. An hour later, he called me at my room just to check if I was doing ok, whether I had trouble finding the bus terminal and getting to the hotel.
Awww, so sweet. :P

Anyway it’s going to be a long day tomorrow, ciao now.

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