I don’t even know how to begin.
Perhaps I should just say it is a beautiful landscape. Yet I am not sure if the word ‘beautiful’ can encompass everything I’ve seen today, every sight, every sound, every …

I was a little skeptical when I arrived at Kyoto yesterday evening.
I was so adventurous that I took the subway to the station nearest to the hotel I was supposed to be staying at, instead of simply taking a cab from Kyoto Station (ok, maybe it was more because I was trying to save on the cash).
By the time I got to the hotel, I was exhausted.

I went for dinner at JB’s friend’s hotel, and got the information on the tour which she has helped me book. I had to report at another hotel at 8:05am!
That’s like 7:05am SGT, which means I have to wake up at 5:30am, since it takes time to change, have breakfast and walk to the other hotel.

Anyway, I shan’t complain too much; it is all worth it.
Pictures when I return to Singapore. :P

There was a English-speaking Japanese tour guide who said ‘Breast you’ whenever someone squeezed in the tour bus, but of course her main job was to bring us to the different places and to tell us all the interesting facts, history, stories and what-nots.

And I found myself a photo buddy. Haha. I’d help him take pictures of him and he’d help me take pictures of me, just so that our photos wouldn’t look like we weren’t involved in the Kyoto tour at all.
But because he didn’t look like TK, our relationship just kinda stopped at being photo buddies. So, nope, no 艳遇. Hahaha.

Off to Korea tomorrow morning!
I hope I would survive the cold. The sides of my lips and inside of my nose (ewww, i know) are peeling so badly that it actually hurts. :(