The very brief experience with snow back in Kobe didn’t really count, because it was all of 2 minutes, and the snow was so light you could have mistaken it for a drizzle.

It started snowing a little, something like the Kobe kind of snow, when I was in a cab with JB this morning.
Prior to this, JB had scorned (as usual) at my comment about hoping to see snow because I have never seen it before. He said, “It’s just crushed ice.”
Today, he was the one who exclaimed very excitedly (now, I’m wondering if he was being sarcastic), “S*** Wee, snow!!”
Haha. I had to play along and exclaim equally excitedly, “WOW, SNOW!”
And then it stopped snowing.

The real snow came in the afternoon.
I was on my way up the escalator from the basement.. and then there was snow, falling down almost gently, at a 45-degree angle..
I must have looked at the snow with too much awe in my eyes, or perhaps my mouth was open a little too widely – the Korean obasan beside me gave me a strange look. Haha.

Feeling excited, I walked in the snow to the nearest shelter (when actually, I could have just gone down the escalator again to take the underpass). :P

It almost felt like I was in the middle of a 冬季恋歌scene.
I was ready to shout for my O-ba.. when the taxi uncle came along. Haha.

Anyway. It was a beautiful moment.
And the most fortunate thing was that JB had already left for Tokyo by the time my 冬季恋歌moment occurred.
I finally know how it is like to walk in the snow, to feel the snow, to see how snow covers the ground, the trees, the rooftops..

Prior to this, I was quite ready to give Korea a failing mark because the surrounding looks really gloomy, and no one ever smiles at you.
Almost all the trees are bare and dying, and the skies are always grey.
Of course the trees in Japan were mostly bare too, but somehow it just made Japan look more picturesque – in the poetic sense, it’s like seeing beauty mixed with a little sense of melancholy.  
Korea was just depressing. Hardly sparkling like what Rain has claimed.

Yet, a snowing Korea is beautiful.
Simply amazing.