It takes a while to get back on track after a rather long business trip.

So I tried to get back on track by burying my face in work the last 2 working days of the week, followed by burying myself in bed over the entire weekend.

Actually, I am not even sure why I was this tired. Or if I really am tired.

Perhaps I was just trying to mask my sianness by appearing all tired and sleepy.

Would it be very heartless to say I actually miss the comfortable hotel bed(s), and how my room gets cleaned everyday?  Or the experience of having to move on to another place before I can get tired of the previous location?

I was sweating the minute I stepped out of the plane last Wednesday night.
It was raining heavily the minute I stepped out of the house last Thursday.

A terrorist is still on the run.
Someone got shot at the MRT Station (like, OMG are we in a HK drama serial or.. what?!).

It makes me wonder if I really am back.


Was reading O’s entry about how she always dreads stepping onto the plane from wherever she is, to go home to Singapore.

I told her I have always understood how tough it is to be her.

It’s like wanting to fly, yet finding part of your wings attached to a tree, by a thin thread.
She can still fly, but she always has to come back eventually – because she is still tied to the tree.
She can break free from the thin thread, easily, if she wants to. But she can’t.

It is really tough, isn’t it?

Too much analogy for the day – must be the influence of the Japanese culture. Ha.

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