Qiqi’s version of 《我的家人》


I know I should be concentrating on my work, and to try to finish before 2am – but my dear little sis had to pass me her essay for checking – and here’s some comic relief.

One thing I noticed about kids’ essays is that they tend to go on the superficial aspect of things. The whole essay was about how each of us looked like and her experience watching birds with my dad (though it was more of naming the birds she saw, and not so much of the experience per se.)

On our dad..
他的体态和妈妈一样, 胖乎乎。
In short – he’s fat, just like our mom.

On our mom..
Yes, she has a good face shape with fake teeth to match. And yes, I must stress again that she is fat.

On her sisters..
大姐,二姐,三姐体态瘦小,有个瓜子脸,有一双水汪汪的眼睛,小嘴巴,小耳朵和雪白牙齿。四姐和她们一样, 只是耳朵比较大。

I think she got tired after writing in detail about dentures and fat body shapes of our parents, so she decided that my dajie, sister#3 and I would be a homogeneous-looking trio. But then it is not realistic to have all her sisters looking that alike, so she decided to give sister#4 big ears. Hahahaha.
I am so happy to see that I belong to the 体态瘦小group, even though logically I know that Qiqi was just too tired to think of a different description for her 二姐.

And last but not least, the mandatory ending..


Sometimes it’s quite nice to be a kid.