The 3D2N Getaway

It was great to be back there after almost-exactly 4 years.

Of course, things have changed.
The company has changed – Instead of my 5 dear bloggies, my only companion was the bf.
Things are definitely more expensive now. A simple meal costs at least S$18 per person. Jet ski-ing for 30 minutes now costs S$85, instead of the S$50 four years ago. The table tennis table is now near the pool instead of the reception area, and now you have to pay S$5 per hour to play.

Nonetheless it was great.

I had fun telling the bf, hey this was where we stole took the bread, so that we could save on lunch. And this was how ~y~ skilfully put the bread into the Gardenia plastic bag. And hey, this was where we were thrown off the banana boat.

Oh, and the jacuzzi in the pool is still there. :)
I’m now 2 shades darker, well-rested, happier.

Though I’m not too sure what JB would say about my sunburnt and peeling skin. Haha. (Now this is what I really call ‘sunburnt’.)
Before I left the office last Thursday, JB approached me and said, “Can I ask you a question before you go?”
I said sure, even though I was rushing to go off.
His question was, “Can you please make sure you enjoy the break? And please, don’t bring your PC to Bintan.”

Yeah. I did not bring my PC and did not think about work. How good is that. Hehe.

No pictures, ‘coz I refused to bring the camera along. Haha. Silly me, I told the bf “It’s just Bintan, don’t need to take pictures lah.” Didn’t want to have too many things to take care of.

The only thing to complain about holidays is that they always have to come to an end.
So, it’s now back to reality.

3 thoughts on “The 3D2N Getaway”

  1. haha yes we did! or at least we tried to. remember playing with topo and sweating like mad. i think you wandered off somewhere. hahaha.

    and yes the rifle shooting range is still there, and there is mini-zoo behind it now! I don’t remember seeing the mini-zoo back then. :P


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