I forgot to mention in my previous entry that during one of our store-checks in Seoul, we saw a salesgirl who really really looked like 金三顺.
I couldn’t stop staring while she talked on and on and on about her product.

Had Korean BBQ for 2 consecutive nights in Seoul.
By the 2nd BBQ, I was busy eating all the side dishes instead of the bbq meat.
Was kind of relieved that we had to settle for fast food last night due to research timing.

Spent hours on the road (and in the air) getting from Seoul to Tokyo.
We left the hotel at 8:30am (7:30am Singapore time), took the flight at 11:20am (free upgrade to business class!), touched down at Narita Airport at 1:30pm, and finally reached the hotel at 4:15pm.

Had a mini-adventure with my colleague from marketing.
We went for store-check by train on our own, miraculously found the place and the way back! :)

We decided to have dinner in the Ginza area before taking the train back to the hotel.
So we went into this building which had a restaurant on every floor.
Except for level B1, which was for Chinese food, the rest all looked Japanese.
So with my one-tenth-of-a-bucket-full of knowledge of Japanese, we decided to go to the 5th floor, where they seemed to be selling Japanese soup.

But alas, we were told it was full house when we got there.
So we went up the stairs, checked out each level, skipped the ones which looked too expensive, and finally decided on the 8th floor.

The entire menu was in Japanese, but I could still make out words like “Soup”, “Bibimbap”…
I was thinking, hmm not bad.
But I decided to ask if they have an English menu anyway, since my colleague needs to order as well. By the time I make out all the katakana and hiragana on the menu, we’d be having breakfast.

So, we got the English menu.. and realised that it is actually a restaurant that mainly sells what-else-but KOREAN BBQ.


The story of my life.

4 thoughts on “Tokyo”

  1. hah! the restaurant incident is very funny! yes, it must be a korean rest because pure jap rests usually dont stock bibimbap on the menu.

    why you get upgraded to biz class always! I am so sick of walking past the smug faces of biz class whenever I am on the plane.


  2. siewli: yeah i’m gd right? haha.

    ash: yeah it was quite hilarious.
    actually this is the first time i’m upgraded to biz class!
    we can take biz class if the flight is longer than 4 hrs.
    seoul to tokyo takes just 2 hrs, so i was booked on economy. very nice to have the upgrade! hehe.


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