Of business trips

I like Seoul better when it’s summer time. When trees are green and people seem less grumpy.

I think I secretly enjoy business trips.

I like making my own way to the hotel, in a bus. The journey usually takes an hour, and I’d be alone, listening to my mp3, and staring at the moving scenery outside the window, and thinking about nothing in particular.

I like the hotel room, the clean fluffy white bedsheets, the empty wardrobe.. I like it that the only thing I’d hear is the CNN on TV and the typing on my keyboard.

I like walking around and looking at people. I like how I do not understand a single word of what they are saying, and I’d just have to look at what they are doing.

I like looking at consumers behind the 2-way mirror and knowing them better.

I like talking to colleagues over dinner,  how amused we were for not understanding the menu, how we burst out laughing when we were served two big ginseng chicken and didn’t know what to do with them.

I like returning to the quiet hotel room, after a hectic day.. with the clean fluffy white bedsheets again, and the clean towels, and neatly rearranged amenities.

But what happens after the business trip, of course, is a different story altogether.

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