Japan, the 4th time round

It’s my third trip to Japan this year, forth time in Japan overall.

How nice to be able to be able to show the way from the train station to the hotel, to my Japanese colleague.

Kobe was the same, peaceful town as it was when I visited one and a half years ago.
Met JB for dinner!

He’s a changed man. Perhaps still as cynical.. but different.
He tried to convince me he has put on weight, and I couldn’t help but think, yeah right, like 50grams?
And before I realized it, I have said it out loud. Haha.
He said it’s true. He’s now 58kg when he used to weigh 54kg.
I told him that 58kg is too light for a guy. Seriously, I was more than 58kg at my heaviest! (Of course, I left out the last part. Haha.)

We took the subway to the dinner place. He doesn’t have a car anymore. His theme for the year, according to him, is to be light.
Light, no burden.

He was concerned about how I was doing at work, and after our meeting, he sent me an email on possible choices for mentors.
How nice of him. :)

I had my first horrible meal in Japan, at Shin-Kobe station just before taking the train to Tokyo.
It was supposed to be some Japanese beef curry with rice. And when it was served, all we saw was a big plate – half filled with rice and half filled with curry, with three small pieces of ba deng –sized beef floating miserably in the middle of the curry.
My Japanese colleague was optimistically trying to tell us that maybe the beef was all melted into the curry.. but we just couldn’t buy his story.

Anyway, I’m staying off Japanese curry for a while. Haha.

Two more days of crazy schedule.. And I’d be back in Singapore on Sunday.

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