9 things about 2009

1. Including this, I have written a total of 58 blog entries.

2. I am still doing kickboxing at the same fitness club.
I started all the way back in 2004 when I was in my first job, at the Bugis outlet. And then I changed jobs, and started going to the now-defunct Amara outlet.
I stopped in the middle when I got too busy with work, and after I was down with hyperthyroidism – I switched to doing yoga which bored me to death.
This year, I’ve been going at least twice a week (though not so successful in recent weeks).. and I still enjoy it.

3. I am finally able to stop medication for hyperthyroidism.
As of the last blood test in Sep, my condition is normal. Would do the next test after the wedding.
I haven’t weighed myself but I should (more or less) be back to the pre-hyperthyroid weight, since I am now able to fit in most of the old clothes that I didn’t give away.

I still cringe when I see photos taken in 2008 – my bloated face and bloated everything, but I guess it’s all part and parcel of learning to laugh when you feel like crying and learning to accept when all you wish to do is to deny.
I had been really depressed at some points in 2008. Why me? When people told me I’m fat, I got really upset. Even looking at the clothes I can no longer wear upset me.

I made it a point to move on, take good care of myself, and to stop telling people my thyroid sob-stories.
Yet just when I thought I was getting over it, I found myself really upset by Tom’s remark during one of the flat-viewing trips about how I cannot have kids for the next 3 years because of my condition.

I am not upset about not being able to have kids for the next 3 years; in the first place what he said is not even true.
I was upset because he said it in front of my mom, and it made me feel really bad for coming down with such a disease and therefore allowing Tom to make comments that implied I am inferior to other ‘normal’ girls his son could have married.

It was just so unfair – my parents brought me up, saw me through university.. and all they get is a stupid remark about how their daughter is useless in the first 3 years of marriage because she can’t have kids.
It was also probably one of the reasons why he felt we should stay with him while waiting for a new BTO flat – because we won’t be having kids anyway.

Although the bf insisted that his dad was just concerned that the owners of the unit we were viewing then had no kids and hence made that remark, I could tell from my mom’s tone when she related it back to me that 1) it really wasn’t ‘concern’ but more of 嫌弃 and 2) he didn’t put it too nicely.

What the fuck, right?
If I could control my hormones and stop the hyperthyroidism from developing, I could have ruled the world, and possibly even subdue Tom.
Why should I be condemned because of something I have no control over?

But there is no point crying over spilled milk, except to drink up/pour away whatever’s left and move on.
It has been a wake-up call for me, that my health should be placed above everything else.
I will do my best and hope for the best.

4.  I had 2 changes of bosses.
JB left first, and then JBB. I kinda miss both of them.
It’s FJB for now. So far so good.

5. I got recognition shares from the company, and a promotion to Band 2.
Super happy.
After 2.5 years here, I am still learning a lot, and still feeling fortunate to be with this company.

6. I traveled A LOT this year.

7th Feb – 13th Feb: Seoul, Tokyo
27th Jun – 4th Jul: Seoul, Tokyo
14th Jul – 18th Jul: Shanghai, Hong Kong
24th Aug – 29th Aug: Kobe/Tokyo
13th Nov – 20th Nov: Seoul

Business trips are really tiring, best combined with wedding preparations.
Like I have said before, I secretly enjoy business trips despite the hectic schedules – taking the plane on my own, taking the long bus ride to the hotel, not understanding what people around me are saying, going back really late but to a nice-smelling and clean hotel room.. Sometimes even meeting rich lonely old men who’d ask you out for dinner. :P

7. I became a co-owner of a 4-room flat.
On an uneventful (or so we thought) Monday evening on 25th May 2009, we signed the Option to Purchase form within 30 minutes of viewing the flat for the first time.
This was after lots of viewing (estimated at least 60-70 units), lots of drama (with you-know-who), lots of injury (including falling off the bus while worrying about having to live with Tom and sliding down the entire flight of stairs after viewing a unit).. and of course spending lots of money.

14th Jul – 1st appointment at HDB. 8th Sep – got the keys! Oct – started the renovation. 24th Dec – slept over for the first time!

8. We spent the entire year preparing for the wedding.
Enough said.

9. I survived.
This is the Year of the Ox, and I really slogged like a cow. Haha.
The first half of the year was especially bad.
Our team of 3 was doing the work of 5 people, and I had to juggle the enormous work-load with the flat-viewing, nonsense from Tom, preparation for the wedding. I worked late nights and weekends.
I felt sick and tired and resentful.
On top of the overwhelming workload and all the traveling, I had to deal with all the drama regarding the wedding, the flat, and Tom.
We quarrelled a lot and at times I really felt like calling off the wedding.

I can’t say I have done a great job of dealing with Tommonsense (ie Tom’s nonsense).. BUT I’ve survived the year with great rewards both at work and in my personal life, and I feel Super! :)

Looking forward to 2010, hopefully one filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.