Another goodbye

So the announcement has been made, and my partner-in-crime, or so he says, has been promoted to Brand Manager and would be moving on to another brand effective September 1st.

He thanked me in his “promotion speech”, how I was his partner-in-crime for all his projects, how we probably did some 10-12 business trips together in the last 12 months he was with the brand, and how I was his nanny, took care of him, and even gave him the much-needed morning calls.

I can’t believe a year has passed, and how we much we have achieved – albeit with a lot of cursing and swearing along the way.

I shall not pretend not to love this amazing brand/marketing team I’ve been working with (no, not my own team/function), though of course now one of them would be leaving right after August ends.

Our last business trip together would be in August – from the 21st to the 29th, and we’d have more partners-in-crime joining us, to conquer the Great Wall of China, eat all the peking ducks in Beijing, followed by all the Korean bbq in Seoul, and drink to our hearts’ content.


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