From the last business trip for the year.

I have lost count of the number of overseas trips I have made this year; without doubt it would be quite record-breaking. I must have been out of Singapore for at least three months out of 12.

13 days to the new year.

I am beyond tired.

It snowed in Seoul on the last morning of my trip.
It was 7:30am (6:30am in Singapore), I drew the curtains of the all-too-familiar hotel room’s window and saw.. snow. Just pure, white, falling snow.
It’s not my first time seeing snow; but for the first time in weeks, I felt a quiet sense of happiness.

I am not happy happy, with all the things happening recently.
But the snow, it was like a relief, a release.
Prior to that, Seoul was just so damn cold. So cold, it hurts to be out and to be hit by the -10 degree Celsius wind. So cold, I can’t seem to be able to deal with it.
And perhaps someone up there knew, that the coldness was too much for anyone to take.. and hence it snowed.

All good things come to an end. And so do bad ones. :)

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