I had a crazy idea of going for a movie date after little boss sleeps, to celebrate us turning one.

The hubs laughed at my suggestion of a late night movie, coming from someone who's usually half awake by 10pm.
But he's game so here we go.
McD supper and movie.

We were wondering if we'd doze off during the movie but it turned out to be very interesting and captivating.
I thought it'd be boring because well it's boring to be stuck on Mars alone. 😅

Good movie, great company!

Now it's time to sleep before our baby toddler wakes up. 😁

Back to regular programing today

Now where are the remote controls? 😅

Nice stay-in kind of day.

All of us took naps, spent some time playing with her new toys, and some time goofing around.

Took her out for some swimming float and grocery shopping.
Bumped into our wedding day photographer!
What are the chances?
It was nice seeing him again!

He saw Clarissa and advised us to have the second one soon. 😅

I'm so used to hearing this that I simply take it well-meaning / unintentional advice.

I've even heard it yesterday at Clarissa's first birthday celebration, not as a question, not as a piece of advice but as a statement.
Almost like it was the hubs and I deciding, "let's have a baby."

I don't feel angry or irritated, because I've even had cashiers at supermarkets telling me the same thing.
Yes, "tell", not "ask".

I usually smile and do not say anything else, while the hubs will be the nicer one responding, along the lines of "we'll see how it goes."

I know he's ready for the second one, but I think I'll continue basking in the happiness of having our first born turn one.. For a while more, ok?

Funny moments

I was doing my business when I overheard little boss and the hubs having what seemed like a shouting match.
The hubs would say Ah! and little boss would repeat after him.
When he said Yeah, she would also say Yeah.
The more she repeated after him, the louder she got.

According to the hubs, he then said "Papa!" and she repeated after him, a very sweet and soft "Papa!". 😍

And then the repeat-after-me shouting match resumed. 😅

When I was in bed with her, she suddenly let out a Tarzan-like scream and leaped over the bolster! She landed on her face and laughed.
Hahahaha I was shocked and amused at the same time.

She loves playing with our phone and these days she started putting the phone on our ears. Haha I guess this means we have to answer the phone?

But because she is not able to estimate her strength, sometimes the phone comes hitting us hard on our face.
She hit me with the phone a few times tonight.

I deliberately cried out loudly and pretended to sob.
"Pain pain," I told her.
She frowned, looked at me and then stood up, stepped forward and rested her face on my shoulder!


Hit me baby, one more time. 😅
A few more times also can.