Goofing around as usual.

The hubs changed out of his shirt and left it on our bed.
Little miss kaypo started playing with it and he put it on for her while she was engrossed in TV commercials. 😅

This evening she asked us to turn on the TV by pointing at it! 😂
Started before we got home.
Our helper was reading to her but she looked at her and pointed at the TV. Our helper told her to concentrate on the book instead lol.

When we got home and were about to have dinner, she pointed at the TV again.
It's almost become a weekday night routine now; she'd watch some TV (commercials) while we have dinner, and we continue watching in our room after dinner.

So when we went into our room she pointed at the TV again.
With a damn bossy and funny expression, she'd go Ahh! and point.

I'm not very strict about the TV thing since we usually let her watch only at night and anyway she watches commercials only.

Most of the time she'd be squirming or climbing or jumping around.

She almost leaped off the bed just now! And the hubs tried to discipline her by hitting her palm.
She thought he was playing some game and started laughing and clapping her hands!
Lol 又好气又好笑.