Up to some mischief as usual.

Flying the balloon like a kite lol.

Pattern more than badminton.

And then she flew her balloon while lying down.
And tried to tie the string around her leg so she could go hands-free. 👏👍

Now that the haze has cleared I thought I could go for a jog at the nearby park.. but of all days it had to be under construction today fml.

So much for wanting to save time.
Thought I could sneak out for a jog while little boss took her nap and be back before she woke up.

So I went back up again, packed my gym stuff and walked to the gym to run.

I'm not a good runner and I can't say I like running but I'm trying to improve!
Today I managed to do 10 minutes of 6.5km/h, 10 minutes at 7.0 and 10 minutes at 7.5!
Slow and steady wins the race. 😅

Still trying to fit kickboxing back into my routine but need to check out other instructors and time slots.

Jogging is the most convenient exercise for now. Just hope it keeps me healthy, for the sake of the hubs and the bubs, and myself of course.

Someone's in a very good mood tonight.. and playing with Daddy's clothes again.
She somehow managed to put it on!
And played peekaboo with us. 😅

And then my mom called and little boss took over the phone.
She just kept fiddling with it but refused to talk and refused to let me have the phone back.
She tried to put the phone on her ear but overshot and it ended up at the back of her head. Hahaha.