Bali or not?

When can we go to Bali?

Our flight was originally scheduled for an 820am departure today.
Due to the volcanic ashes disrupting all flights in and out of Bali airport, we received notification that our flight would be delayed till 930am.
Woke up very early this morning and checked the flight schedule again.
It said 820am.
Called SQ to check and found out it was further delayed to 3pm.

Now we are just sitting at home waiting and not very hopeful about flying out today. πŸ˜₯

Now that I have some extra time on hand while Clarissa naps (so much for rushing work till midnight), I caught up on dramabeans.

A lot has happened in K-dramaland the past few months!

1) Answer Me 1988 is premiering tomorrow! (Not that I'd have time to catch it, but I've really enjoyed the Answer Me series)

2) There is going to be a K-remake of ζ­₯ζ­₯ζƒŠεΏƒ (Scarlet Heart)?! Again one of the few Chinese drama serials that stole my heart. I wonder who's going to play my ex-boyfriend Nicky Wu's role?

But again, no time to watch and I'm skeptical about it.
I tried watching the K-remake of ζˆ‘ε―θƒ½δΈδΌšηˆ±δ½ , a wildly successfully Taiwanese drama, and I couldn't watch past the first 2 episodes, despite it featuring my Lee Jin Wook.
Time was a huge factor of course but it lost so much of the pace and essence of the original that I didn't want to make an effort to catch it.

3) Twenty again by Choi Ji Woo sounds like a good one I can catch.. the written recap of. πŸ˜‚

Ok, actually that was it because little boss woke up from her nap. πŸ˜…

Just wasted the entire morning and afternoon

In anticipation of going to Bali.

The flight status from the SQ site still says our flight is delayed to 3pm.
It took us 2 more calls to SQ customer service with more 20 minutes waiting time for each call to confirm that the flight is not taking off.

Wah what if we ε€§εŒ…ε°εŒ… all went to the airport?
Flight status from other airlines clearly stated flights to be CANCELLED.

Why does SQ have to act all coy and say it's DELAYED?

I don't think we'd have any issues with cancellations, since it's for our own safety.
But I just find it frustrating that in such a clear-cut situation (Hello, volcanic ashes. Bye, Bali airport closed), SQ cannot provide a clearer status update.

It's 2:35pm now and the latest sms I got was at 7am this morning saying the flight is "retimed" to 3pm.

If they'd said it has been cancelled for sure, we could have spent the morning looking for other alternatives instead of mindless waiting and not being able to do anything constructive (like, sleep).

Good thing we called to check again before we really set off.
I'd become the volcano if we'd brought the baby and all the luggage along to the airport only to find that the flight has been "delayed".

It's a real bummer.
I took a week's leave for this.

Was really looking forward to swimming with Clarissa in her watermelon swimsuit and a good getaway from work.
If I were to cancel my leave and go back to work, I'd be such a loser. Boo.


Just when I've decided to forget it and take a nap, I received an sms from flight info that the flight has been retimed to 3:30pm.
So I'm on the phone again.

Anyone enjoying my live updates?

I called SQ and the CSO said he has to escalate the matter (?!).
I said ok, but does that mean I have to go to the airport now?
He said no, but let him check. And he put me on hold again.
Came back and said he will escalate and give me a call back.

In the meantime, the hubs checked the Changi Airport website which stated "Gate Open" wtf.
So I called the Changi Airport hotline.

The CSO said that the gate is indeed open and the latest update is that Bali Airport is open and the flight is on.

All the times we called them, the SQ folks told us to hold for more updates and to stay at home instead of making our way to the airport.


The hubs got through the SQ hotline and the CSO very helpfully reported, "Oh SQ938 originally departing at 820pm will depart at 330pm."

Hubs: "Erm it's 330pm now?"
CSO: "Oh yes. It's 330pm now."
Hubs: "So it's taken off?"
CSO: "Yes it has."

This is a joke.


Boarding! Wtf!

Record time!
From home to boarding gate in half an hour.


Peace. ✌

And time to dayre.


Boarded the plane!

Our little explorer enjoying the window view.
We settled down pretty quickly, only to find out more than 20 minutes later that we were in the wrong seats.
Damn malu ok. Lol. I don't know why we automatically assumed we got the window seat. I guess we just wanted to sit down. Anywhere.

We ended up sitting between two couples with a boy each.
This Clarissa kept wanting to say hi to the Caucasian boy seated on our left but he was in a bad mood and turned away from her. πŸ˜…

To our right, the rightful owners of the window seat, are a Singaporean couple with their 19 month old boy.

They told us it was the first time they were taking their boy on a flight and they were nervous about it because he could get quite hysterical.

True enough he was. πŸ˜‚


Flight took off!

We took turns to have dinner while Clarissa played with the remote controls. Yeah two. She wanted both my and the hubs' remote controls. πŸ˜…

Except for being a little squirmy because she was tired and not finishing her milk (sigh, again), she was really well behaved.
Occasionally she'd babble in her sweet little voice while the two boys took turns to shout and cry.


Touched down!

After waiting for our luggage and then waiting for a fellow resort couple who did not show up, we were off to Club Med!

Little boss was nearly dozing off by now but once we got into the van she was in her explorer mode again.
Just quietly looking out the window at the surroundings.


We finally got to the resort and we were quickly ushered into the restaurant that was about to close.

Got to our room and bathed Clarissa, which was a tough exercise even though they'd provided a bath tub for her!
She refused to sit in the bath tub and started crying when we showered her.
I ended up all wet and sweaty, thanks baby.

And then it was milk time and this girl only drank half, again, sigh.
I hope she eats more tomorrow.

I think she was too tired.

Though it took her more than half an hour to fall asleep.

Successfully transferred her into the baby cot!

Now both my babies are asleep.

It's been one real whirlwind of a day.
I've never walked so fast to a boarding gate before, with a nearly 10kg baby.
When we got to the gate, we were so relieved we announced to the passengers queuing in front of us, "yay we made it!" πŸ˜…

So we "lost" a day but I hope we'd gain much more as a family on this mini getaway.

I feel like I'm getting to know little boss better, as a little person with a mind of her own.
Like how sensitive she is to her surroundings and the people around her and how she seems to be observing before reacting.
That doesn't mean she's reasonable all the time, because I'm still not sure how her mind works or what she's thinking.
It's just cute to observe.

Ok, time for some much needed sleep.

I hope we get to have some fun!