At the pd yesterday.
She was protesting because she refused to drink milk and I refused to carry her. 😅

We were there for her MMR jab and I think we spent some 30 minutes talking through our list of questions with the very patient and nice pd.

We talked about her #foodstrike, constipation and excessive sweating etc.. and felt much better after hearing the pd's advice and recommendation.

The jab was a breeze! Little boss was busy climbing up the tree (i.e me) she didn't even notice!

She didn't even make a sound!
It was that good. 😁

PD said there is a 20% chance of fever in 5 days' time so we'd be on the lookout.

Little boss is now 75cm tall and weighs 9.5kg! 75th percentile.
On track, on track.

After the checkup, I stood at the counter waiting to pay while they waited outside the clinic.

Suddenly so happy.

Another one.
Sorry, photobombers.

And then we went for a supermarket raid where the hubs was busy putting everything in the trolley and the bubs was busy pulling everything off the shelves.. while trying to stand up. 😂

Look at her samseng one leg up.

Anyway I'm posting all of the four pictures I have taken yesterday because I really like this minty pineapple tshirt I got for her.

2 for $20, from cotton on kids.
Since it's on sale, must buy.
I got her Size 2, meant for 2 year olds. Kiasu much? 😅
I love the Tshirts!

Today has been a super long day too!
No pictures at all because it was quite hectic!

We went on a family photoshoot!

I have been checking out some studios and packages, but I received a birthday voucher from Cordlife.

It entitles us a free outdoor photoshoot that comes with 5 edited photos from the shoot. There is a top-up package for $88, where you can get 50 edited photos and all the unedited photos taken during the shoot.

Since all three of us are "汗宝宝"s (we sweat easily) we prefer to do the photoshoot in a studio instead.
In case we turn out to be some《刘大汉传奇》(流大汗, geddit? Hahaha ok I'm quite lame).

There's an option to top up $20 to convert the voucher into a studio photoshoot.
Another $30 surcharge for public holiday shoot.

All in all we paid $140 (including $2 cold drinks wtf) for everything.
Which is really just about half the price as compared to other studios – not including getting all the photos!

Pretty good deal.
I'm too fussy about the studio to be honest because we have a cute model lol. #oldwongsellsmelon

To be honest I'm not super wowed by the studio.
There were instances where I thought the photographer should snap a photo anyway, but she didn't, either because Clarissa wasn't looking at the camera or simply because she wasn't prepared to.

I thought it is ok even if she didn't look at the camera because some of the expressions she made, like her flying kiss to me, isn't meant for looking at the camera.

But well, I guess I'm not the expert here. 😅

The pictures turned out quite nice!

We did 流大汗 afterall; it was quite back-breaking. Little boss wasn't super cooperative but she was comfortable enough to smile and chuckle every now and then.

Just when the hubs was taking a break at the side and I was sitting near Clarissa while the photographer was trying to move her to get a better angle, she crawled forward, lost her grip because of the slippery backdrop, and knocked her head on the floor with a very loud bang. 😢

Instant baluku (bruise). 😢😢😢

Poor girl, she sobbed so hard.
She was crying it out and yet holding it in at the same time, like she was in pain but was trying to make herself stop crying.
So it became sobbing.

The photographer said she's very brave because she recovered very quickly. Despite a swollen bruise the size of a 20 cent coin.

We even continued taking a set of photos, though little boss was clearly tired out by then.

The entire shoot took some 1.5 to 2 hours, even though the package was for an hour's shoot.

And then we went to my in-laws, where little boss met her little friend again.
Funny how she's so friendly with other babies but frowns at adults!
She reached out to the boy and looked like she was about to hug him!

Omg my dear cannot be so 主动 ok? 😅

The boy, on the hand, kept smiling shyly and turning away.

My father-in-law very proudly showed us how the boy can now say "ah gong" and "apple", and told us Clarissa is slow, "but it's ok".

And Clarissa was there in the room too. 😐
I didn't bother trying to tell him again that there is a difference between a 12m and a 14.5m old baby.

Before that he was telling us how much taller the boy is as compared to Clarissa.
Like, hello?
Boy? 14.5m old?
Girl? 12m old? 75th percentile? Not tall?

This comparison business is getting quite tiring. 😥