Me time


I took another day off for today because I foresaw that I would need a chillax day.

The hubs is off to work and I shall face the music tomorrow.
I'm estimating an email count of 500 by tomorrow, a week's worth including the weekends.

Wanted to go for a massage but Big Aunt decides to visit so maybe I'll catch a movie on my own or try to finish one of the two books I brought to Bali.
Little boss is down for a nap now so perhaps I should take a nap too.
Haven't been sleeping well.

While watching TV (commercials) last night, little boss was sitting quietly beside her Daddy and nonchalantly holding his thumb with her grubby little fingers. 😍

Now that she's somehow become very clingy to me, she seems more stingy about showing her affection towards Daddy, with makes this hand-holding action all the more sweet.

Last night she scratched Daddy's face and I told her sternly to apologise and to sayang Daddy.
I even demonstrated by touching the hubs' face.

She looked at me, her eyes red, obviously feeling guilty but only reached out to touch his hand for all of two seconds before turning back to look at me.

I turned off the TV to tell her off again. I tried asking her to hug her Daddy or sayang him to say she's sorry.
But she tried to distract me by crawling away or climbing up the headerboard.

So I tried again, until the hubs signaled me to look at something.
Little boss was holding his hand and gently caressing his fingers.

How should I interpret her behaviour?
Too proud to say sorry openly?
Too sorry to say sorry?
Too scared of Daddy to say sorry?

I have no doubt she loves Daddy.
Sometimes when she's in her room drinking milk and she hears her Daddy showering in the bathroom, she'd stop in the middle of drinking and go, "Baba?"
Or when Daddy is out and I ask her, "Where's Daddy?", she'd do her "Where?" handsign, point at the door and say, "Baba?"

Baby your mind's really a mystery sometimes.

New item on the lunch menu!

Macaroni soup with fish and carrots.
The soup was boiled with fish bones first, before sifting and adding the ingredients.

The little boss approves.

This is the first time in weeks I see her willingly reach for the high chair to sit in it.
Probably after realising it's not porridge in the bowl lol. 😅

So excited she kept kicking her leg, that's why the lower left part of this picture is blurred.

She finished almost the entire bowl! 😉

So the pd (and Dr Google) is right, that her #foodstrike is a protest for new variety of food and textures.

Last night she had rice soaked in unseasoned ABC soup and it was a winner too!

Movie date with myself! ✌

Before you start wondering what my subject title has to do my content up to this point. 😅

Wanted to go for the 1135am show but little boss woke up from her nap.
So I played with her after lunch, tucked her in for her nap, took a quick shower and tadah! Booked a ticket and left the house at 1pm for the 130pm show.

The perks of staying near a cinema.
The ticket came with free pepero!

I was fighting the urge to watch this, because I thought it was by 九把刀 and I was grossly disappointed by his last movie《等一个人咖啡》.
The book was so much better!
I guess sometimes when writers become too popular they lose the innocence or ability to write from the heart.

Ok back to this movie.
It's not by 九把刀and the theme song really caught my attention.

For old times' sake. Hehe.

My leisurely me time ended abruptly as the movie ended because we ran out of gas and I had to go home to order gas. #lifeofanauntie

I enjoyed the movie a lot, though it pales in comparison with 《那些年, 我们一起追的女孩, because it is in fact very formulaic when I think about it.

So the key is not to think too much.

This is the 2nd best movie I have watched in a cinema this year. Best movie goes to The Martian. 3rd best is Ah Boys to Men.

Hahaha because these are the only three movies I've watched in a cinema this year.