54 weeks

Naughty face in the morning.

I was contemplating about continuing the weekly updates when the hubs asked, "You not taking the weekly photo?"

Haha ok seek and you shall find.
Ask and I shall update.

Over breakfast.

She likes her bread but doesn't like or want or know how to self-feed.
She'd hold on to the piece of bread I give her and ask me to feed her what's in my hand. 😅

Are they supposed to know how to self feed now? By that I mean just putting food in her mouth, nothing elaborate.

I tried to demonstrate to her using her own hand but she looked puzzled and skeptical.

One more picture of little miss naughty face.

No Friday sleep-in with her tonight coz the hubs is a bit under the weather.

I think I'm gonna turn in early too.
Stayed up until 1am last night writing the previous post and thinking about it.

Haven't talked to the hubs again about it. Thought he could use a break.

Little boss is pretty sweet today but I think we still need to work on it. 💪