With a super adorable mei mei!

She's so smiley and cuddly! 😍
And more excited and friendly than our little boss over here, who was happy to see a fellow baby but incredibly shy.

And she got grumpy while I was carrying mei mei. 😅

So it became more of a mommys' date than a babies' date.
So so nice to catch up sim! 😙

In other news, I have snippets of the movie and the theme song stuck in my head for the past two days.


我听见雨滴 落在青青草地
我听见远方 下课钟声响起

爱上你的时候 还不懂感情
离别了 才觉得刻骨铭心
遇见了你 是生命最好的事情



与你相遇 好幸运
可我也失去 为你泪流满面的权利
但愿在我看不到的天际 你张开了双翼
遇见你的注定 她会有多幸运


6 things you should never force a child to do

Little boss is asleep so it's surfing time! Came across this article and I think it makes sense.


1. Never force your child to show physical affection towards relatives

"This may teach him to accept violation of their intimate space, making them vulnerable to sexual abuse. It’s important that you respect your kid’s body. Declining physical affection to people in a position of authority does not amount to bad behaviour."

I absolutely dislike it when people snatch Clarissa away from me to carry, and especially it is very apparent that she is distressed by it.
I don't understand why there is a need to do that.

Or even worse, to plant kiss on her face, whether she (or me, as the mother) likes it or not.

I find it very intrusive and obtrusive, coming from people we are not close to.

It's fine with close family and friends, of course, because little boss would be ok with them too.
But the not-so close ones.. Please.

2. Never force your child to apologise before he is ready

"Forcefully extracting an apology from kids when they don’t mean it can perpetuate feelings of anger and shame."

The article suggests letting the child cool off and later on come up with ways to make up for the misconduct.

Allowing the learning to precede the apology makes it more genuine and is more conducive in the long term.

Well, she is probably too young for this. But I realise I do have the tendency to make her express her apology immediately after her misconduct. I don't think she can cool off to process it as yet. She'll forget about it as soon as we let her off? 😅

Must be mindful in future.

3. Never force your child to read

Simply because coercion takes the joy out of reading.

Well I'd love for her to love reading!
So I try to read to her at least once every two days. Sometimes she listens, sometimes she doesn't. 😅

I hope to see a little bookworm in future but I guess it's ok if she prefers climbing instead. 😂

4. Never force your child into extracurricular activities regardless of his wishes

No disconnect on this.
In future I'd let her decide wherever her interests might be.

5. Never force-feed your child

So apt, this one.
I'm glad we didn't, even though it was stressful seeing her turn down food during her #foodstrike.

"Constant force tactics like threats to get kids to eat has been found to result in negative long-term effects. Such kids are more likely to feel loss of control and helplessness. They also tend to develop food aversions."

So we are now letting her experience different textures and types of food. So far so good. 😊

6. Never force your child to share

I have read a separate article on this before and it was quite an "Aha" for me.

The idea is to encourage empathetic sharing, or when your child is done with the toy and ready to share.
It also results in delayed gratification when your child becomes the one waiting for the item to be shared.

Interesting, but might be difficult to practise in Asian context.
I can imagine the aunties go, "Share lah, must share mah, why so selfish one?" 😂