Hahahaha bed hair and blur face asking me where Daddy is.
And romper not buttoned lol. 😅

She woke up at 6am for milk and went back to sleep. Daddy left for work while she was sleeping.

When we passed by our room, she peeked in, turned to me and did the "Where?" handsign.

I told her, Daddy's already out at work.

She looked at the main door and did the "Where?" signal again. 😍

We were both so tired yesterday!

She didn't sleep the entire afternoon and finally napped at 730pm (on my chest) and woke up again at 815pm.

I tried to keep up with her but I was dozing off myself so the hubs was the one entertaining her and trying to stop her from climbing up the wall.

We let her drink milk at 915pm, kissed her good night around 930pm and after that (in fact even before that) everything was a blur.

New trick: Attempting to climb out of the walker. 😅

So this morning, since I really had to work, I asked this little girl to please play with her auntie (our helper).

She actually obliged without throwing tantrums.

Five minutes later she zoomed into the study room in her mini cooper.

According to our helper, she'd crawled to the walker, requested to be put in it, and then came looking for me. 😅😍

She kept pulling my chair and pointing at me.
I said, "Sorry, mommy can't carry you now because I have to work".


So she proceeded to climb out of the walker lol.

How come cannot huh?

Something's wrong with my mini cooper?

Ok Mommy, looks like you have to carry me out instead.

She was really examining the walker trying to figure out how to get out of it, and wondering why she couldn't! 😅


Much needed run.

Finally got to run on the track.
Thanks to no haze and no construction.

Did 8 rounds in all. The 4th and 5th rounds were the toughest because I had a stitch on my left ribcage.

So I just thought about stuff.

Things I said, things people said. Did I handle it badly? Could I have done it better? If I decide to be on, I should go all out to be on.

It helped, and the last two rounds became much easier.

My mom dropped by in the evening after my run and this girl was so delighted to see her.

Pardon the (lack of) fashion sense.
Small flowers can be matched with big flowers because they are all flowers.
Not me ok! 😅

This girl was so ready to go home with her Grandma. Reached for my mom to carry when my mom stepped out the door.
She refused to let me carry her and proceeded to rest her cheeks on my mom's shoulder.
And then she not only waved us goodbye but also attempted to close the gate!

We had to lure her back with her duckie soft toy while she frowned at her Grandma going home. 😅

How can anyone be so manja and naughty at the same time?

Someone kept asking me to tie his hair for him.
So I did and said I was going to take a picture and post it on Dayre.
And he even posed for me.
Nah. 😅