Got this off @babyruth 's dayre.
Aww so true.

Especially relevant because little boss was actually angry with us for leaving the house this morning.
She was randomly hitting around, and then frowned and cried. 😢😥

Me time lunch time.
I came for the chips. 😅

And of course, this.

I always (pretend to) look at the menu and end up ordering the same things. 😌

This little girl is so lucky. 😊

Well I'm also very lucky, because I got to bathe and relax a bit while my dad entertained little boss.

The hubs had basketball tonight so I took the train home and popped by the mall to buy stuff for the little boss – to fatten her up and to help with her constipation. 😅

Finally got her favourite rice cereals! Tried in Bali and she totally loved it.
Also bought: Pear juice, prune puree, organic spaghetti bolognese sauce for babies, organic mee sua for babies and 3 books (because I passed by a book fair #auntie).

My dad and I tried to show her how to self-feed while I gave her the rice cereals.

She could pinch the cereal with her thumb and index finger, and even bring it to her mouth, but couldn't/didn't want to release it. 😅
She managed to feed me instead! Really delivered the cereal into my mouth. 👍✌

She proceeded to feed her Grandpa too, smiling sweetly with an outstretched hand holding a rice cereal.
So Grandpa happily leaned forward and as he opened his mouth to accept the cereal..

She retracted her hand and giggled!

😂😂😂 👏👏👏

Not me ok.
I did not teach her that. 😅

Oh for the record, she succeeded in putting one cereal into her mouth, all on her own! 😄

Nah, naughty in disguise. 😝