55 weeks

Chilling on her throne with her duckie.

Everywhere she goes, she brings duckie along.

Even when watching TV commercials.

Or dancing in the playpen.

Or thinking about what to have for lunch..

Duckie's mine! Of course I should bring her everywhere I go.

Run thwarted by the rain.

It started drizzling after my first round but I ran on hoping it'd stop.
It didn't. 😅
So I did only 7 and had to stop because the raindrops were starting to hurt lol.

Such a good run, damn.
No stitch no twitch no stomachache, good pace.

Now waiting for our dabao dinner.

Good thing I decided to dabao, because little boss was on #sleepstrike so our helper was entertaining her since 130pm. 😞

I was in calls most of the afternoon so couldn't provide much relief.

To little boss' credit she took a 3 hour nap from 1030am, after putting up a strong protest against sleep.

But she spent the entire afternoon plotting to get into the study room and into my arms or onto my lap. 😅

So our helper was trying her best to distract her and/or make her sleep so I can concentrate on the calls.

Yet she rushed into the study room very excitedly while I was in a call to announce, in a loud whisper, that Clarissa has finally succeeded in drinking from the sippy cup! 😁✌

Daddy needs to watch out for his packet milo now.

Haha so intense.

She saw our helper drinking water, and signalled for some. So our helper took the chance and tried giving her water in the sippy cup.
I've asked her to let Clarissa learn drinking from it but we haven't had much success. Always ended up using the spoon or bottle to feed her water because she just couldn't suck from the straw for some reason.

I guess today's our day. 😉

She also tried to turn on the TV.
Right direction but wrong remote control and wrong way. 😅

And then danced in the coffee table.

What a long and busy day.
Imma chill and watch some commercials.