Hahahaha most Beau..HB baby ever.

Didn't manage to capture it the first time she did it, because I totally didn't expect her to react to the question.
She raised her hand so readily and with so much confidence we all laughed. Too funny!

We got our helper to ask her the question again so I can take this video and I guess she became a bit shy about it since we laughed so hard the first time.

While Daddy watched basketball, this girl steadily made her way to a comfortable position behind him, plopped herself on the pillow and watched the game together. 😍
After contemplating for two seconds she proceeded to pull his hair and take off his spectacles.🙊

New tricks

Now that she knows who's who, what's what and where's who, I've trying to show her the concept of "whose what".

For example, I'd ask her "where's duckie's tummy?" and point to her duckie's tummy. Sometimes she'd get confused and touch her own tummy instead.

But recently when I ask her, where's mommy's tummy? She'd correctly touch my tummy.

Tonight I asked her, "Where's Daddy's tummy?"
She gleefully touched the hubs' tummy and started hitting it like a drum. 😅

It became a father and daughter drum concert lol. 😁

She's also somehow figured out that the smaller remote control in my room is for the fan.
Been happily pointing at the fan and changing modes randomly.

Her finger pointing has gotten even more assertive.
Nowadays she'd point at something and wait for you to bring it to her.
If the item was what she had in mind she'd let out an excited laugh and hold on to it tightly.
But if the item wasn't what she wanted, she'd drop it on the floor..

And point again. 😅

This morning I was giving her some rice cereals while the hubs let her try some milo.
Soon she was pointing her left index finger at the rice cereal and then her right index finger at the milo, and the left again and the right… so she was getting cereal, milo, cereal, milo, cereal and milo again. #likeaboss