Our little race driver who's getting too tall for her mini cooper.

One of the key challenges of working from home: how to resist this irresistible little face asking me to carry her. 😅


Peace out.
Time to dayre.

Pretty much sums up my day.

This little girl would find ways and means to come into the study room to make me carry her and/or play with her.

She'd be in her own room playing or reading with our helper but every now and then she'd peek out, smile happily and wave hello at me.

Then she'd start crawling out of her room and into the study room.
In between her crawling she'd stop to sit down for a break or to scratch her head lol. 😅

Then she'd make her way to my chair and wriggle her way up into my arms.

Our helper would let her stay with me for a few minutes before carrying her back to her room.

They'd read and play for a while, but the peek-smile-wave-crawl over cycle would start again.
After a few cycles helper decided to stop her once she reaches the door of her own room.

Guess what?
She made our helper walk her over!

Cannot crawl I walk lor? 😂

Edited a snippet of it.
She actually took around 2 minutes in total!

Besides being able to plot and make her way into my room and subsequently my arms, she can now very precisely place a phone on her ears and mine (instead of the back of her head lol).

She'd even pretend that we are taking turns to talk!
She'd hold the phone to her ear for a few seconds, smile coyly and babble a bit before putting the phone against my ear.
I'd pretend to say something and then she'd look very pleased and take the phone back to place it against her ear again.

She looked like she was enjoying some secret telephone conversation and it was so funny to watch and play along. 😘😙