56 weeks

So sad.
Mommy wouldn't let me have her phone.

Not fair Mommy!
Why can't I have your phone?
For just one minute only?

Yay. ✌
There's a will there's a way, they say.

Hello, Daddy?
Yes I've successfully gotten hold of the phone.

Yeah I can go hands-free too.
Let me clap my hands for you.

Disclaimer: This is a true story except that the phone is a non functional one.

She (fake) cried and protested when I refused to give her my phone.
Looked so pitiful but being the #assholeparent I took photos instead. 😅
And then gave her a fake phone. ✌

In this photo she was actually holding the walkie talkie, which we also refer to as a phone to her, against my dad's ear.
But the camera shutter and/or I was too slow to capture it. 😕

She loves drinking directly from the glass and kept pointing at the glass for my dad to feed her water.
She started making slurping sounds even before the water touched her mouth lol. 😅

Again, too slow to capture the drinking itself. 😕

Yeah, slow's the theme for tonight. 😂

She's also very no big no small, reached into my dad's pockets to dig out everything there, without asking for permission. 😅

Phew! Race against time to post everything before 12am.
The little girl is already in bed with me, sound asleep. 😁

My office computer crashed unceremoniously yesterday, which means I can't even think about work except maybe hope the ICU guys manage to recover my data. 😂

0018! The weekend's here! 😉
Family bedtime~ 😙