Made her work a little for her bread. 😁
And she was so game about it!
Said "Ahhh" every time we asked her to.

Woke up in the middle of the night with a bad sore throat.
Didn't even feel it coming. 😯

But went ahead with my lunch plans with friends from work.
I'm glad I did!
Though my throat feels worse now.

I've always thought that with my personality and age, I'd not make friends from work. So in my earlier years with the current company, I did not make any effort to make friends.
I was polite and all, but I actually made a conscious effort not to invest too much feelings in work relationships.

But of course, things changed and I changed, two or three years into this company, when I met really like-minded and kind people I could actually identify with as friends.

There aren't many of them, because I'm quite an introvert and talking tires me out, but they really made my time at work a great one.
*winks at @babyruth *

This bunch of ladies I met for lunch today really made a difference as I transited from being on maternity leave to working full time, in a pressure cooker no less.

Five years ago I probably wouldn't see myself making friends with people from the workplace, from across the globe, but now I'm glad I have.

I guess having a baby made me see how people were genuinely caring and having a common problem and goal made me realise I don't have to be alone fighting all the battles.

Spent some time writing Xmas cards for them and words just flowed.

Though I gave them all the same card design, because I didn't have time to really shop for personalised ones. 😅

Also got them cookies!
Very simple stuff but I really want to let them know that I appreciate them. A lot. 😘