Having her favourite rice cereals for breakfast.

Pinched one in each hand and tadah! Into the mouth it went. ✌

And then she got mighty pleased with herself when I praised her, "Well done, Clarissa!"

Yeah the leg came up voluntarily. πŸ˜…

Too much bird poop and curry (??!) all over the car so we went for a car wash before heading to my in-laws.

This girl looked so worried lol. πŸ˜… #assholeparent

Her worries soon became fear as she burst into tears whenever The Man with The Hose splashed water against the car windows.

No amount of rice cereals could distract her as she went on to full-on wailing each time The Man with a Wash Cloth opened one of the car doors to wipe the sides.

However, when The Man with the Wash Cloth opened her side of the door, she immediately hushed and looked at him with half pleading (please dont hurt me!), half ε§”ε±ˆ (why are you doing this to me!) eyes.

Once he finished and moved on to the other side, she started wailing again. πŸ˜‚

欺善怕恢much, this girl? πŸ˜…

What a hilarious first car wash experience!

Zzz for all of ten minutes before we got home.

After visiting the in-laws and getting two rather violent kisses from my mil #sorrybut.. , we went for a baby full month celebration.
The baby's dad is the hubs' army friend so we didn't know anyone there except the friend.
But it was good, because I saw a pair of fraternal twins sitting in a pram on their own. So I parked myself and Clarissa next to them to make friends.

I'm so amazed by the twins and their parents! The twins just sat in their prams looking super chill while their parents went outside to get lunch.

They looked older than Clarissa so I asked Clarissa to call them "jiejie", and then a sweet little girl who was sitting at the next table looked at me and said, "I'm Jiejie. I'm 3 years old."

Turns out that she is really the twins' elder sister.

She went on to introduce her sisters to me, and said very matter-of-factly, "They are OUR twins." 😘

How adorable and sweet is that!

I was nearly going to ask their mom what she ate or did during or after pregnancy to have such chill kids.

One of my friends brought her 6-month old baby girl to lunch yesterday and her girl just smiled and babbled along before falling asleep in her pram.
I was in awe already and asked her if she did anything different (the answer's no).

To have two 1.5 year old girls sitting quietly on their own is just an amazing feat, though the parents were very nonchalant about it.

They fed their older daughter while the mom turned from time to time to give the twins some food.

"They are very well behaved," I told their mom. She simply smiled and said something along the lines of "yes they are".

Anyway I kept the girls busy.

Got them to clap their hands and hold hands etc, and Clarissa somehow got quite excited and started babbling quite loudly.

The jiejie also came over and offered to let me touch her dress.
She was wearing a very princessy dress with sequins and chiffon so I guess she was very proud of it.

"Do you sit in the pram like your sisters?" I asked her.
"No, I'm three years old. So I don't sit in it." She told me.

"Oh because you are a big girl?" I couldn't help but smile.

"Yes. But when I went to Hong Kong, I sat in the pram." She said before running off to drink her Ribena. πŸ˜‚

That's why I love talking to kids. 😍

Especially when the adults in this crowd were talking medical terms (they are mostly doctors) or about their cats. πŸ˜…

Since having Clarissa I find myself a bit more comfortable in social settings like this. Either I get into small talk with people asking about her or I get to simply pay my full attention on her.

It's actually quite nice?