This is now a common occurrence when I work from home.

"Come, Mommy, play with me!"

She was alternating between moving from my left to my right, and spinning me around in my chair.

Later in the morning

I had to call in for a meeting so I asked my sis to bring her out to the living room.
Otherwise everyone in the meeting would hear her giving her thoughts about our strategy lol. 😅

My sis has recently taught her how to knock on the door.

So in the middle of my call, I heard.. knock, knock; knock, knock.. 😂

My sis told me Clarissa was knocking on the study room door hoping to come in. 😍

After lunch

Meet the new CEO who disapproved of all our strategic recommendations. 😅
Bossy to the max.


Sounding more and more like a man.
My sore throat got worse and turned scratchy over the past two days.
I was coughing uncontrollably yesterday. The coughing isn't as bad now but the throat has gone somewhat hoarse.

And I have a 8pm call tonight.
For 2 hours. 😯
The only good thing is that I don't have much of a speaking part.

And this girl is taking her nap now.

She kept trying to find her way into the study room and onto my lap!

She's walking more now, though it's more like stumbling, and she doesn't care if we are holding on to her or not!
She simply moves forward, in very big steps!
We'd be ok with that if she were more stable or balanced.
But no, she just looks like she's charging forward and about to fall flat on her nose anytime. 😅

Yet she doesn't care at all.
Just charge ahead, I mean, walk.
She doesn't wait for us; we'd better follow.

Last night the hubs thought she was going to fall! She charged forward just as he was about to stand up to hold her properly. 😂
Luckily he caught her in time!


Cough came back and got worse in the evening as I got into the call.

By the time I finished, I sounded like a man and the hubs asked me sing 阿杜's song with my current voice.
I obliged and he said I sounded exactly like 阿杜.
Thanks ah.

On a serious note he gave orders for me to see a doctor tomorrow and not go to work. 😯😌

Did I mention I have two million things to close at work? 😕

But yeah I guess I should see one since I don't seem to be getting better!

Little boss looked quite bewildered when I called out to her in Uncle 阿杜's voice but mommy's face. 😂