Taking sick leave today

I don't sound like Uncle 阿杜 today; I can't quite make a sound. 😅
Woke up this morning with a dull headache and without my voice. Throat still scratchy.

No choice but to heed the Emperor's orders.

Now in my area, there are 3 clinics within walking distance.

The nearest one is in the next block. But it looks like a clinic in the 70s, old and rundown. We took our helper there once, because it was a Sunday and it was the only clinic open.
Even the medicine they gave were old fashioned.

Conclusion: Dodgy. 😅

Next, 5 minutes away, is a very popular clinic.
Always crowded. It opens at 8:30am and if you go down at 8:45am, your queue number would be 15 or something, and they'll ask you to come down again 1.5 hours later.

The doctor there is extremely talkative. 😅

He'd be reviewing my condition and then start telling me, "You know ah, I saw this patient whose mother.."
That is why the wait is so long.

But he's generally ok, checks thoroughly etc and the meds are ok.

I brought my helper for her medical checkup over there and after the checkup she told me the doctor asked her a lot of questions and said funny stuff.

He asked about her family situation, why she is not married, etc etc.. and when she answered him, he said, "Interesting."

Luckily I preempted this and told my helper beforehand that this doctor is very talkative. 😅
After she told me what happened, I reiterated that he is just talkative and asked her not to bother about what he said.

2 doors away from this popular clinic, is another clinic who probably takes in people who are either too lazy or too sick to wait or when the popular one is closed.
At least that's what I do.
I go there when I have no choice.

I once saw the doctor for very bad rashes during confinement.
The popular clinic was overflowing and I just didn't have the will power to walk back home and wait for two hours before coming down again.

So I went ahead and saw this other doctor.
He glanced at my rashes, and asked me:

What caused the rashes?


Erm that's why I'm here to see you?
So how about you tell me?

I think I had slight post natal depression then, breastfeeding woes and on top of that, rashes all over my tummy and hands.
I don't think I would be able to tell what caused the rashes.

I was taken aback by his questions and even started providing my own diagnosis.. and he said, "Should be food allergy." Wtf.

I made a mental note, not to ever see him again if I can help it.

Even for my helper's checkup, we went to the popular clinic, took a queue number and went back in 1.5 hours' time.

But guess what happened today? 😂

I went down to the popular clinic, mentally prepared to queue and listen to talkative doctor, only to find it closed from today to next week.

The hubs suggested I go to my regular GP near my parents' place, or one of the branded clinics in the mall.
But I was lazy so..

👺: "What's wrong with you?"
💁: "I lost my voice."
👺: "Ok, let me see your throat."
*Shines a torch at my mouth for two seconds.*
👺: "Ok, inflamed. Do you have a fever?"
💁: "I don't know, but I don't think so."
👺: "Ok. Let me check your lungs."
*Takes stethoscope and places it very lightly on my chest and back*
👺: "You have blahblah-titis. Windpipe infection. Affecting your voicebox."

And then he covered me for sick leave and said byebye.
2 minutes in all.

He didn't even check my temperature!

I think he trusts his patients too much. We are supposed to know the cause of our conditions and whether we are indeed suffering from the condition.
His job is just to issue MC and medicine.
Thanks ah.

I hope I recover soon! 😥


Since morning she's been eyeing my wallet, which was placed on my bedside table.
She kept pointing at the table while standing on our bed, but I gave her anything but my wallet.
After we woke up from our naps she cried for me to carry and I did.

Brought her into her room to play and read but she kept crawling out of her room and into ours.

She'd pull herself up to stand and walk sideways to the bedside table.

I carried her away just when she was about to get to the wallet and brought her back into her room again.

Tried to whisper-read a book to her and she paid attention for all of one minute.
She closed the book and started making her way out of her room again.

Round 2.
Here she's waving goodbye to our helper when our helper said to her, "Bye Clarissa! Mommy and auntie are still in this room."

She just turned around and waved back at her happily. 😂

So I took my wallet and left it on my study room table instead.
The cycle repeated.
But instead of our bedroom, she'd make her way to the study room instead and then stare or point at the table.

Lol so persistent!

Managed to distract her.. with a Vicks bottle.
It rolled away and I asked her to pick it up.
So she crawled over and picked it up.

But how to crawl with a Vicks bottle in one hand?
I think she realised it was slippery and spent a second contemplating what to do.

I asked her to stand up so she could walk towards me while still holding on to the bottle.
She rejected my proposal and continued crawling by turning her wrist to touch the floor instead!

Smart, but not so smart. 😅