Little Miss Controller of Remote Controls. 😅

She grabbed the remote controls from the coffee table, stood for a while to figure them out, and took two unassisted steps forward to turn on the TV! 😁

Of course she didn't manage to turn it on for real, but the intent was very strong.

She also made her way to take the phone off its holder on the TV console.

The hubs, who was about five steps away from her, asked her to walk over to him.
We saw her contemplating for two seconds before she decided to take the shorter way out and stumble-walked three steps towards me instead. 😅

Happy wefie!

Out for dinner with my family to celebrate my sister's birthday.

Little boss was happy to be out! Kept kicking her legs while feeding herself some rice cereals.
And very happy to see herself in the camera too.
I love this picture of us.

And this too. 😘

But as the story always goes, she got restless and wanted to be carried.
Our helper fed her some prune puree while the hubs sped through his dinner. He brought her out of the restaurant for some sightseeing while we ate.

Funny little boss. She was happy to show off her little tricks to her aunties and uncles but always turned to hide her face against my shoulder with a really shy smile whenever they imitated her actions or praised her.

She was ok playing with them and taking their stuff but always drew the line and turned back to cling onto me when they showed signs of wanting to carry her. 😅

In the end no one except me and the hubs got to carry her tonight, not even her grandparents. 😂

My poor biceps. 💪