Earlier tonight: Little boss somehow managed to put on Daddy's singlet and refused to take it off. 😅

Daddy had to go topless.

Not much of an update today because I left office at 730pm and we reached home at 830pm.

It was dinner, TV, and milk and bedtime for little boss.
I brought her into our room to say goodnight and she ended up rolling around on our bed and refused to let me bring her back to her room. 😢

We took the easier way out tonight, watching tv in our room instead.

Last night we had to take turns chasing/following her around the house because she was stumbling and leaping from one place to another!

She can take up to three small steps unassisted now, but she walks like she's in her mini cooper.
Super fast, always leaning forward, no sense of balance. 😂

Finally figured out why after observing her the past few weeks.

I guess that's why the checklist in the health booklet has an item "does not use a walker".😐

Then again we all grew up using the walker, though we most likely didn't speed in it the way little boss does. 😅