Came across this from a friend's Facebook sharing.

Most of the graphs and legends are quite true.

I can't help but agree with this one.

Yesterday in a meeting, someone asked me to take coaching from another one on "message track" and I felt my eyes roll about 15 times.
In my imagination of course.

The point is, just because I'm quieter and don't talk big and don't "manage up" doesn't mean I don't have a mind of own.

I would love to learn from someone who's much better and smarter than I am, and there is no lack of such people in my company.
Unfortunately not from this someone who is at best my peer and at worst someone with little substance and claims others' work as his own.

Culture of Accountability vs. Blame

Not going to share much here.
But the day didn't end so well and I really just feel like hiding in a corner and do nothing.

It's always tough.
How to be a team player, and still have the guts and liberty to call something that's bullshit, bullshit?
How to be accountable, and call someone else's mistake, a mistake?
How to stand up for yourself, without sounding defensive?
How to inherit something you don't believe in, and yet stand up for it?

Despite all the adjustments I've tried to make, I guess some things just don't come naturally to me.

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