58 weeks



New trick! 😁


So cheeky I cannot! 😅

I guess I was probably a very prim and proper kid so I have imagined my child to be similar.

"Where are your eyes?"
Points to eyes.
"Where is your nose?"
Points to nose.
"Where is your mouth?"
Points to mouth.

Who knew learning about body parts could be so funny and cute? 😅😆 #oldwongsellsmelon

This morning we were having fun asking her where everything is.
Clarissa, where's your mouth?
Where're your ears?
Where's your armpit?
Where's your tongue?

She happened to be munching on some bun I gave her when we asked her where her tongue is.
She actually paused and quickly swallowed the bun before sticking out her tongue cheekily. 😋
So polite! 😜

I've been trying to entice her to walk properly.
Like asking her walk towards me if she wants my phone / her favorite rice cereals.
Sometimes I'd be just two steps away, sometimes five.
She actually takes a moment to gauge the distance before deciding to either chiong for it (ie quickly stumble over) or forget it, just crawl. 😅

Sometimes she deliberately takes the chance to walk quickly from point A to point B without holding on to anything, and chuckles to herself when she succeeds.

I can't wait to see her walk!
Though I know it's going to be a riot. 😅

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