I told little boss since yesterday and this morning that we'll be taking her out for a swim today.

So this morning we waited for her to wake up from her nap, gave her milk, packed her bag and off we went!

On our way to babyspa, I asked her where we were going.

This was what she said/did:

I'm not sure if she really understood me when I told her we were taking her out for a swim, or if this was just a coincidence – maybe she just felt like kicking the air.
She usually associates swimming with kicking like this! When she's in the bathtub and we say, "Clarissa, swim?" or "Kick kick kick?" she'd do this.

Like this. 😁

We haven't brought her here for more than 2 months and she's almost too tall for the tank.
When we first put her into the water, she was walking in it. 😅
They had to fill up the tank with more water! Still, she could actually tiptoe in it.

3 more sessions and I guess it's really time for the real baby pool.

She looked like she really enjoyed herself today, kicking and splashing around, while holding on to a big duck and a small duck the entire time.

She whined and swam away when I told her it was time to get out of the pool. 😅

But we wanted to catch the last order at 230pm at our favourite dimsum place in the same mall. 😂

So I had to ask her a few times and entice her with another duckling rubber toy at the shower area before she relented lol.

Lunch was good!

The hubs (he had to go to the restaurant first to order while my sis and I got the little boss changed) ordered a fish porridge with no seasoning for her and she had slightly more than half a small bowl.
She also had some of my charsiew bun, sans the charsiew.

I managed to eat while feeding her and it was a pretty good pace. At least I didn't feel like I was rushing through my lunch. 😉

We put her in her stroller so we could do some light grocery shopping and she didn't protest at all.
It's been a while since she sat in the stroller and we thought she looked too big for it.
The stroller's supposed to seat up to 4 year olds or 20kgs, so I think we're just not used to seeing her legs sticking out of it. 😅

She really looked like a boss in the stroller, idly kicking around while we pushed the stroller and protesting when we stopped. 😂

Working weekend.
While the little boss naps.

But right after taking this picture, I heard a loud and chirpy "Ahh!" from the boss' room.. 😅😂

I went in to check on her and she flashed me a megawatt smile. 😍😙

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