Auntie having liangteh for the cough that refuses to go away, while waiting for her once a year rebonding to start.

2.5 hours later

Magazine count: 3
Stiff shoulders: ✔
Numb butt: ✔
Bladder: Quite full 😅

In between one of the steps the assistant asked if I would like to go to the washroom.
So I did, with my hair bundled in a towel and another towel on my shoulders.
Out of the salon and into the washroom across the mall.
Not paiseh at all. 😅

Ann Kok did that too; I bumped into her in the washroom of a mall in town, with her hair in a towel.

But of course the difference is that she looks like a celebrity while I look.. ridiculous. 😏

And work continues. 😩

Not complaining, except that I could use a nap.

Managed to take the bubs out with the hubs for breakfast this morning.
Fed her steamed bread and some of the hubs' milo.
She was fairly well behaved because she was busy looking around and staring at other people. 😅
So it was a good breakfast.

I came back from the salon to yam cake and dessert bought by the hubs.
Skipped lunch to do hair. 💇

The little girl was supposed to take a nap but our helper lost the battle so i brought her back to our room and said I'll give her another 30 minutes to play.

It somehow worked and she fell asleep quite quickly after I brought her back to her room. 😁

So here I am.
Dayre first while waiting for the files to load. 😪

I can't wait for the next 5 working days to be over.
Most people are going on their year end breaks after this week!

I'm not, but I'm looking forward to some quiet time to finish up work that I'm keen to do but put on hold because there is just too much going on.


My mom called and this girl wanted to have the phone too.
So I put my mom on speaker and let my little boss hold on to the phone.

My mom kept trying to talk to her, but all she said was Ahh? and Mehmeh! while pressing all the buttons and fiddling with the phone.


Yes? Hello?

Is the phone working?
Why is Grandma's voice so loud? 😅

Anyway I passed her my phone in exchange, stepped out of our room and continued talking to my mom outside.
When I came back in, I was still on the phone and she was not happy.

Cried and cried until I passed the phone back to her, but she continued crying (see first picture of her with the phone) very pitifully.

I had to pick her up to calm her down!

Picked up the phone again with tears in her eyes and a teardrop on her cheek.
Drama queen complaining to Grandma about Mommy. 😅

And my mom kept telling me, give her the phone lah give her! 😂

And then Grandpa came to visit, so this girl started playing with his rings.

Cry again coz #assholeparent mommy refused to let her take her own selfie and insisted on squeezing into the screen together.

Why does mommy keep bullying me today? 😢😂