Mambo number 5

Rejoice, it's Thursday!

It's going to be another long day in office today.
Back to back to back meetings from 9 to 6 fml.
Partially explains why the entries in the past few days have been pretty short ones.

1) I was exhausted after a long day at work
2) Little boss continued to make me work hard following her around the house at night

It's no longer fun for her to climb around on our bed. She has to move around the house. 😅

I survived the day!

No joke.
Back to back meetings with one overrunning into the other overrunning into another.. but it all worked out because I managed to finish and pack up by 6:10pm!

Check out the mess! 😂

But first, pause to watch commercial.

The hubs and I were sitting around her watching her play.
Hubs stood up and his knees hit my shoulder accidentally.
I went "Ouch! That was painful!" because it was quite painful.

Little boss immediately stopped whatever she was doing, reached out to touch my face and took a step towards me to hug me! 😍😘

The hubs, who was furiously trying to rub my shoulder, said to me, "Not painful already right?"

He suddenly went "Ouch!" too and collapsed on the floor exclaiming, "Pain!" and fake-cried. 😅

"Clarissa, can you sayang Daddy too?"

She looked up, gave him her signature frown and continued to do whatever she was doing. 😅😂

Alamak, Daddy kena busted for fake crying. 😂

Little mambo queen lol.

Music to my ears.

We are very amused by her being amused by the sound of the ball dropping onto the floor.


I wanted to write about the full-day training I attended yesterday, where they presented the very first brand I worked on as a case study for consumer targeting and media strategy.

They started with the segmentation I developed before I left the brand.

The one I was very proud of, at that point in time. It was a rather radical (at that time) shift in the way we segment our consumers, from an attitudinal and spending angle to one that's based on needs.

When I shared my recommendation to my manager back then, he said, "wow that's a big change."
I explained the rationale and told him why I thought it was the right thing to do.
"Go ahead and share it," he said.

So in a very big board meeting with the General Manager, I did.

I explained why the previous segmentation didn't work, and why and how I thought the new one would, right down to how the in-store counseling would work.

The GM said, "I didn't get it but now I do." And the rest of the leadership team gave their nods too.

Even the HR leader walked up to me after the meeting and said, "I've never really understood the segmentation but now I do. Thank you!"

Till this day, this remains one of the proudest moments in my career.
Prouder than winning an award.

It wasn't about the credit i was given for proposing this change; nor the invitation I got to join the leadership team for dinner later on.

It was the months of hard work, the passion and gusto I had, standing up for what I believed was right for the brand, translated into nods and the go-ahead to make a change that'd impact the entire business.

I was but a small fry, I still am, but I felt that I was making a difference.

In the training yesterday, however, the segmentation I came out with became the "obsolete" one.
It wasn't sharp enough.

So the team, after I left, made it much better by adding the lifestage lens to it.

Part of me wanted to explain my rationale back then, and explain how it was already an improved version from the even more obsolete and vague previous segmentation. 😅

But I agree with the new and improved segmentation, wholeheartedly so.
Times have changed and our thinking should evolve.

More than anything, I think I miss working on that brand.
I miss the passion and courage I had. The enthusiasm to plough through so much data. The neverending pursuit to make things work.

I miss having someone watching out for me at the side lines, warning me about the potential risks and yet cheering me on as I go ahead.

I miss doing something I believe in.
I miss having a strong opinion about something.

Often I think about those days these days and wonder, what has changed? What exactly?

Would I ever feel the same again?

I hope I can, I really do.