Clarissa the bird whisperer, except that, erm, she wasn't exactly whispering. πŸ˜…

That's how excited she is whenever she sees birds or animals in real life or on TV.
It's quite endearing to see her react so happily, even though I'm not an animal lover myself.

For this reason and the fact that the hubs loves animal watching too, we are taking her to the zoo this coming Wednesday. I'm not a zoo person but I'm looking forward to it! 😁

Finally got down to uploading the Bali photos I took using the camera.

Yes, it took me more than a month since we got back. That's how tired and lazy I am.

The ones I took of the hubs and the bubs in the pool are really my favourite ones from the lot.

As much as I want to try and explain this fully in words, I can't.

We'd guessed she'd love being in the pool, from the way she enjoys the water in the bathtub and at the babyspa.

Yet it still surprised me, very pleasantly so, how delighted she was to be in the pool, splashing and kicking water to her heart's content.

It was a different kind of laughter and chuckle, one that felt so bright, so cheerful, so carefree, that my heart nearly burst with this very fulfilling kind of happiness, the kind you can't hide, and wouldn't wish to hide.

I'm sure the hubs felt the same too, because he looked as surprised and delighted and as happy as I felt behind the camera.

This is it, our hearts stolen, and willingly so.

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