许美静, 铁窗。

有人高唱旧爱还是最美, 所以老歌还是最动听。
淡淡的语调, 轻轻的旋律, 轻轻的叹气, 淡淡的忧伤。

新歌反复听了几十遍, 歌词还是忘得一塌糊涂。老歌却不需要复习, 朗朗上口。

中学时期挺喜欢的一首歌, 今天早上上班途中偶然听见。

Yay to an almost empty office!

There was only two of us here at 830am, now at 10 there are like less than 10.
I'm plugged in to my mp3 player of old and new songs, working on my analysis.
The plan is to leave office by 5 so I can do some Christmas shopping before the hubs picks me up.

I offered to help him get something for his colleagues.

He didn't have time to get something for me so he asked me to get something for myself.
So nice right. 😅

Christmas gifts for the hubs' colleagues, done!

Combed almost the entire bugis junction and bugis+ gift shops before deciding on this.
One of the trending Korean brands (I think) and I love the capsules.
It's a good thing his team has a huge female majority *sorry guys*.

I bought 36 and topped up another 4 to get a free moleskin 2016 notebook.
They couldn't do gift wrapping for me since I need, like, 18.
But it didn't stop me from shamelessly asking for 18 wrappers. 😅

Work in progress: Writing colorful notes of appreciation for his team. 😁

The purpose of using this sticker is to express my delight at scoring an adidas cap I really like.
I exceeded the budget of $35 by $4 though.

After I got into the car, recounted my purchases and jokingly told the hubs I burst the budget by $4, he said, "Wah you really bought something ah?" 😞

He gave me just enough cash for his team's Christmas presents, and none for my cap. 😂
He said he has no more cash (true) so can he compensate with massage?

I said ok, 30 days worth of massage.

🙎: So much?
🙆: I already gave you discount hor. 30 only.
🙎: My massage only worth $1?
🙆: Less than 2 minutes, it's very ex hor!
🙎: I'd rather give you $39.


So I'm sitting on the floor Dayre-ing while waiting for him to write his Christmas notes so I can slot them into the little wrappers.
He kept sighing and shifting while writing lol. Men don't like writing cards, do they? 😅

I had to cheer him on, "Just two more to go!"

He wrote another note, sighed again before handing it to me.
I was about to slot it into one of the wrappers when he asked me to read it first.

A Christmas note for me. 😁

Really caught me by surprise.

Ok lah, you win.

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