Mommy, I really want that thing on the table, I really do.

No, I did not drop it deliberately. I did not.

I shall look away and pretend to whistle or something while mommy glares at me.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is her classic guilty face.
Usually happens as we say HORRR! when she does something wrong.
Like throwing the cup onto the floor, just seconds after I told her not to.

Or when she plays with the remote control and accidentally turns the TV into channel fuzzy.
We'd go HORRR! and she'd immediately fling the remote control away and jump onto us, as if to say, "Save me! Something's wrong with the remote control! I didn't do anything but it moved the channel!"


There's now an unofficial voting going on among friends and family of their favorite body part rendition by Clarissa.

So far the votes go to Eyes.
Blink blink. 😉
(See Day 345)


This is not the funniest version (but still funny lah).
She'd bend both arms and attempt to point inwards to her armpits.
She looks like a little duck when she does that.

Last night we were wiping her down and as usual she was standing up and trying to squirm away and all that.

I held her while our helper tried to put on her diaper and pants.

We usually apply baby powder on her neck and armpits before putting on her tshirt so I said to her, "Ok, put powder!"

So while standing up half naked, she smiled and gleefully raised both her hands!
To let us apply powder on her armpits. 😁

Why so cute one! #oldwongsellsmelon