Zoo, zoo, zoo!

Where are we going?

Sea lion show it is!

Extremely delighted, very delighted, delighted, and what just happened? 😅

The sea lion show was the first pit stop for Clarissa. I can't tell if she enjoyed it, but she looked half intrigued and half shocked to see a real sea lion in front of her.
I guess it was somewhat different from watching animals on TV.

I can't help but steal glances at her throughout the show, and my heart fluttered at that wide-eyed wonder.

And the real caption for this picture?
There is a child in everyone.

She eased into the zoo experience after a while, but I spent half the time trying to make her nap in the stroller, which was impossible with the humid weather and all the things going on around her.

We went straight to lunch break without a nap.

Before that, we scrambled around looking for a changing station, because the poor girl was drenched in sweat after failing to fall asleep in the stroller.

The weather's too appalling for me to sleep in, Mommy.

She finally dozed off after lunch, and missed seeing her friend, Koala.

I enjoyed the air-conditioning very much, thank you.

We went on to the River Safari, and spent some time debating if the crocodile in the background is real, or just a statue in the water.

There were two of them, stagnant in the water and the hubs insisted they were fake.
Reminded me of me in Sydney zoo, because half the time, the reptiles and animals were not moving at all and I kept telling the hubs they were just statues the zoo placed in to humour us.

Today I stood on the opposite team, and argued that they were real.
And true enough, they moved.
Very slightly, blink and you might miss it. But a movement was a movement.

The hubs was so adamant about them not being real, a fellow tourist very helpfully pointed out that hey, look, it really moved.

True enough, he caught both reptiles moving their heads out of the water, but turned to the nice lady and said, "It's on remote control!" 😅

Moving on to inspect the next reptile.

The boss woke up when we were at the Pandas' hideout, possibly due to the sudden change in temperature.

It really was a hideout, because the pandas were really hiding. 🐼

Before going to river safari, I'd already told the hubs very excitedly about wanting to try the panda bun and panda coffee, so I know he was really trying his best to accommodate me by stopping at the cafe, even though it was barely two hours since we had lunch.

Little boss had fun too, staring out the window and shouting happily at the fellow babies/kids sitting outside.

Although she was also caught licking the window and was nearly barred from even touching it. 😅

There's nothing some panda bun can't fix.

Peace and buddies again.

How about a family photo?

Look, Mommy, river!

Our photographer of the day.
Almost all the pictures I'm posting now, except for this one, were taken by her.

Even after knowing her for so many years, I'm still amazed by how much she knows about animals.
I say animals, not to be generalising, but I really can't remember their specific names to save my life.

We went on to see the squirrel monkeys but somehow they broke into a fierce monkey fight.
Both our helper and I ran for our lives while the hubs, bubs and sis stayed on to watch the scuffle.

The hubs pretty much carried our boss throughout the rest of the visit, because the heat was too punishing for her to be sitting in the stroller.

It was a good thing, because we spent some time wowing at the mantennas in the aquarium, and holding her meant she could get as up close and personal with the sea animals as we did.

Though the flip side was aching arms. 😅

The hubs applied for a part time job after the aquarium visit.

Looks like he's got the job so I guess we'd be visiting the river safari again soon. 😁