Season to be jolly

It's a #dayrefatties kinda day.

Three plates of two pratas each for two of us.
The man wanted to eat 4 despite my nagging that it's a bit too much.
Thankfully he was too full to finish the 4th one so we had to pack it back.

He said, "Huh? Must take photo ah?" when I snapped the first two pictures, but gamely posed for the third one and asked me to "hurry up and take now". 😅

We sneaked out while the little boss was drinking her milk and about to take her nap. She was still sleeping when we got back so I started writing all the Xmas gift tags.


I'm not a fan of gift wrapping, because it's kinda wasteful spending $2 on a wrapper only for it to be torn off in 2 seconds.

We are back to regular programming this Christmas, ie having my folks come over to spend the afternoon and evening.

We had a very quiet but nice Christmas last year, just the three of us. And I remember Clarissa's bright and chirpy smile on Christmas morning, when she was barely two months young.

She didn't wail for milk the moment she woke up, and even went back to sleep after her very very early feed.

I remember the day to be somewhat magical, as if she knew it was Christmas, and gave us her own version of a nice Christmas gift.
The gift of some quiet time together and the gift of sleep.

Our smiley chubby baby on Christmas Day last year, wearing the Drama Queen romper Daddy got for her.

Already an ace at selfies and wefies.

Our first Christmas famfie.

After a year, this remains the photo on my phone's screensaver.
Every time I need a boost at work, I would press the phone button just to look at this.

She's now a legit cheeky little miss santarina, who might or might not pause to pose for a famfie.
Nowadays it very much depends on where she wants to go and what she wants to get.

Last year, I simply didn't have the mind space to think about Christmas.
I only had time to zoom out of the house during one of those short me-time breaks to get something for the hubs.

Christmas shopping this year was done in short spurts, on 4 to 5 separate occasions. There simply wasn't a long enough stretch of time to finish everything in one go.

I've also just realised I didn't buy anything for Clarissa, unless new clothes count. But they've already been washed and kept in her drawers, and one set has been worn to the zoo yesterday. 😅

Here, Merry Christmas.