Merry Christmas / 60 weeks

Last Christmas and this Christmas.
8 weeks young, 60 weeks young.

What a difference a year makes.
From smiley and obliging to grumpy and reluctant lol.

She was busy trying to squirm off Daddy so she could stand at the coffee table.
So grown up hahaha.

Mission to replicate last Christmas' photos: Aborted. 😂

Hugging her Xmas present from her aunt lol.

I love it that her idea of hugging means that whatever she's hugging has to be in between her shoulder and her neck.

She does that consistently with every soft toy we ask her to hug. Unfortunately the mousey is so small it looks like a telephone when hugged by Clarissa.

My sis got her this mouse because her favourite flash card, also the most crumpled one, is that of a little mouse.

At 60 weeks, she definitely has her favourite things.

Fish. Rice cereals. Noodles, especially the ones we are having. Remote controls, but only that of the TV and cable. Ducks, especially the ones on her aunt's bed. Water bottles, any kind. Balls and balloons. Keys and chains, especially my dad's. Her bolster and handkerchief. The star and the triangle. The heart-shaped block she'd smile and place lovingly on my chest.

She also understands simple instructions.

Stand up. Sit down. Don't move. Sayang. Hug. Touch Daddy's moustache. Lie down.

She knows all the different ways of lying down.

If she's on our bed with pillows behind her, she'd lean back comfortably to watch TV.
In her own cot or playpen, she'd lie on her tummy and rest her head on the mattress.
If she's in our arms, she'd rest her head on our shoulders and sometimes squeeze our arms with her grubby fingers. 😍

The biggest recipient of Christmas presents this year.

All my sisters, my mom, our helper, my friends got something for her.

Toys, flash cards, books, bib, hair clips, bed bumpers.. you name it, she has it. Lucky girl. 😊

Fruit ninja fun.

Even Clarissa was busy cutting fruits.

The stakes were high, because the loser had to eat the remaining food.

Like this. 😂

Hahaha I don't even have to blur the photo for privacy. They were THAT FAST. Lol. 😅

So nice having the family over.
I think my tummy worked very hard, eating and laughing.

Merry Christmas again! 😁

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