Boxing day

Finally she gets to play with this lego duplo set my dear friend got for her.

She's been signaling me to open it for her since we brought it home.

Feeding Daddy some popsicle we made.

The big kid is having fun too.

What he builds, she tears apart. 😅

She is better at dismantling than she is at putting together.

But one needs to know how to deconstruct before one constructs, isn't it? 😁


I'm sitting in a dark room with a sleeping baby.

My arms and back are falling apart.

She was little miss grumpypants with ants in her pants (ie squirming) throughout the day. 😥

We were out the entire afternoon and got home around 6.

Our helper bathed her before feeding her some porridge for dinner but she started throwing tantrums midway. We couldn't make her eat anymore and so I decided to let her sleep.

She then advanced into a crying fit when we tried to make her sleep in her room.

So I brought her to our room and gave her some milk, hoping she'd drink and doze off.
I also thought she might be hungry, since she barely finished her dinner.

Long story short, I ended up carrying and swaying her to sleep when she didn't doze off after her milk (it's been a long time since I heard the tzut tzut sound of her finishing her milk 😢 because she almost never finishes her milk these days) and patting failed.

Like last year, Christmas magic reserved for Christmas day only. 😅

Earlier today.

She chose to bring her Xmas present out for the ride today. McDonald's french fries (that got cropped off).

This was the start of the car ride before she turned into whiny grumpypants.

I'm guessing it's a combination of teething, over-stimulation from yesterday and being out the entire afternoon today.

She whined whenever the sun got in her eyes and even used her blanket to cover her face while biting onto the same piece of blanket.
She continued grumbling even when her eyes were already shut.

In spite of these, I can't help but feel amused by her grumpiness. Or marvel at how her thick and long her eyelashes have grown. Or smile at her stubborn frown even as she sleeps.


She woke up from her nap smiling.
So we spent 45 minutes making her sleep.. for about an hour. 😅

My sisters are now entertaining her while I take a breather (and Dayre). ✌

I caved in and joined them after just 10 minutes. The hubs and I both sprawled in bed berating each other about being #assholeparents, letting the aunties babysit while we took a break. 😅

I was about to feel bad when the little boss caught me looking at her and started summoning me with her "come here come here" fingers.

No time to feel guilty because the boss demanded for me anyway. 😅


The boss is asleep.

I'm back in bed, aching all over and completely exhausted.

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