Feeling totally wrecked today.

Caught a late night movie with the hubs, slept after 2am and woke up at 630am because we had to fix the cash card reader before going to the Philippines embassy to renew our helper's passport.

We brought Clarissa along so the hubs had to entertain her for a full hour IN the car while I waited with our helper for her application.

After we got home, our helper spent nearly an hour trying to make a very tired and cranky little girl sleep. The hubs also took a nap and I dozed off for a short while before we went down for lunch.

Little boss is still sleeping now. Nearly two hours already so the ROI is good. 😅

So many toys but she prefers playing with random stuff like boxes.
She spent a good 10 minutes taking the cream out and putting it back into the box.
Which is a pretty long duration for her. 😅