This little girl really loves pau.

She saw me taking a plate of paus from the kitchen to the dining table and immediately squeaked and dashed towards the paus from inside her playpen.

While I waited for the pau to cool, she kept pointing at it, wanting to eat it already.

All pictures below were snapped by my sis. 😁

The look of anticipation.

Getting impatient.

Can I eat already?

This is good stuff!

Can I have more please?

Hahaha this is so true!

It's been a recurring thing for the little boss to be very grouchy and throw tantrums when she's tired.

The hubs even has a scale to measure her grumpiness.
Yesterday while waiting in the car for us, she was at "grumpy level 2". Which meant whining at the slightest displeasure. Wrong YouTube video, whine. Screen too small, whine. Unhappy with car seat, whine.

Sometimes it's full blown tantrums like this morning.

I was working in the study room when I heard Clarissa wailing.
She was supposed to be drinking milk before taking her usual mid morning nap.
But instead of drinking she insisted on playing open-close with the milk bottle cap so our helper took it away from her.
She cried in protest.

I picked her up and tried to calm her down. She continued crying like someone snatched her toy away. Damn pitiful and ε§”ε±ˆ kinda cry. πŸ˜‚

I told her it wasn't right for her to cry like this. If she's tired, she should drink her milk and then sleep.
As usual, she pretended not to look at me when I was telling her off. πŸ˜…

But she eventually calmed down and started drinking her milk.

I returned to work and she woke up two hours later, whining.

I went to her room to check on her. Her eyes were half closed but she saw me and covered her face with her bolster.
I rocked her a bit and it looked like she wanted to go back to sleep.

But she'd half open her eyes and check if I was still there.
It was her lunch time so I asked her gently if she was still sleepy.
She whined and covered her face again.

"Do you want mommy to carry you? Or do you still want to sleep?" I asked her.

She did this!

Hahahaha turned and faced down lor. πŸ‘

So I walked out of her room to get my phone. She didn't make a sound at all. Usually she'd whine if I leave the room without carrying her out of the sarong.

When I returned, she was in the same position I left her so I took this picture lol.

I wasn't sure if she was really sleeping so I tried touching and talking to her.

She neither answered nor moved.

So I did this:


Hahahaha and I saw that her eyes were actually open. She was just staring at the floor and not moving.

I goofed around with her like this to make her laugh before she eventually turned around and sat up. πŸ˜…

Omg θ΅–εΊŠ + θ΅·εΊŠζ°”.

She was her usual cheeky self after lunch.
Hahaha why like that.