Look! Here's a bun!
Instead of a coconut tree. 🌴

Going for a hip Korean girl look. 😅

Let me also show you my eyelashes.

Hahaha phone camera shutter too slow lah. 😅

She has a bruise just above her right eye because she had a bad bump yesterday. 😢
I was sitting on my office chair, back facing her and she was playing around the chair.
Our helper was sitting behind her.
I was asking her about what grocery we needed to top up from RedMart.

And then there was a loup bump.
The poor girl lost her grip and knocked herself on the leg of the chair.

At least that was what I thought had happened (because I couldn't understand our helper's recount).

She cried so hard.
We took out the ice pack and looked for bumps on her forehead.
Because it was a pretty loud bam!, I thought she knocked on the hardest part of her head.

We didn't find any bruise on her forehead (and kept applying the ice pack on the wrong part fhl), until I saw that her right eyelid was red. 😯

Forced an iced towel on her eye, much to her displeasure and angry protest.

I then tried covering her left eye to check if she could see properly with her right.
But of course she wouldn't oblige.

I hope it gets better soon.

Still swollen. 😦

Mommy, as compensation for your carelessness, I want YOU to carry me.

She's been doing this squat-to-stand thing very steadily in the past few weeks.
She'd get into a squat position and we'd say "Stand.."..


And she'd go from squat to stand on cue. 😁
Sometimes she'd nearly lose her balance but she'd recover very quickly.
I'd tell her "Well done, Clarissa!" and she'd clap her hands, looking very pleased with herself. 😆

Not the best picture but this was that split second she went from squat to stand.

8 rounds this evening.



品冠, 后来的我们。

跑着跑着, 在众多舞曲和快节奏的歌曲当中, mp3 player突然响起这首歌。

其实这首歌对我并没有什么特别的意义, 只是觉得蛮好听, 歌词蛮好的。

但跑步时, 头脑往往最空白, 也最清醒; 而我也已经到了听见一首歌就能勾起一串回忆的年纪, 所以对这首歌有了新的体会。



# 后来的我们一直都遇不上 

# 后来的我们又被谁而遇上
忍痛许久的伤 终于能原谅

或许在某一天 某个街上
无意中擦肩 感觉出对方
我们只需自然 不会有人看穿

想起了大学时期遇见的好人, 怪人, 烂人。
为什么喜欢, 为什么不喜欢。
总觉得跳不过去, 解不开。

事过境迁后总结起来, 其实没有所谓的对错。
只有适合和不适合, 非常喜欢和不够喜欢你的人。

后来的我们, 不是朋友也不是仇人。
果真没遇到, 但如果遇到了应该会笑笑说Hi吧?

曾经怎么难过怎么痛, 都也比不上生孩子的痛; 再怎么雀跃怎么快乐, 都比不上天伦之乐。

现在的我很幸福, 希望后来的你们也一样。