12 +2 months | How we spent New Year’s Eve

New year's eve famfie!
Little boss turns 14 months young today. 😊

I guess today's recap kinda day, afterall it's the last day of 2015.
I scrolled back to last December's entries and realised that I didn't recap 2014.

The 31 Dec entry was about our breastfighting at 6am and nipple frustration, as well as Clarissa turning two months young.

Breastfeeding and mastitis woes, pretty much the story of my life back then.

I don't think it'd even crossed my mind to do a reflection for the year.

#throwback 31 Dec 2014.
Our little boss who still had to be burped. 😁

I did, however, have a "2014, in pictures" recap on facebook, a yearly thing I do, selecting just 30 pictures that encapsulate various moments through the year that were meaningful to me.

I hope I can find some time to do that later.

I took leave for today without any specific plans but I decided yesterday that I'd go out for some much-needed me time.
Would finish up some work and wait for the little one to nap before I leave the house. 😊

The hubs' recap!

2014, in pictures.

2015, in pictures.

Posted on facebook this morning.
So efficient!

And I present to you..

Poop face a year ago and a year later. πŸ˜… #assholeparent

Hahaha I still remember it was the day she puked AND pooped all over the sofa and my mom, and we went hysterical, laughing while trying to clean her up.

And she gave this "What is the problem?" look, which made us laugh even more.

We then cleaned her (and the sofa) up and she broke into this silly and satisfied grin.

The hubs loved this picture so much he had it in his collage.

I laugh, but some days it still feels quite surreal, that I'm a mother of one, and we are now a family of three.

In my mind, I'm always 20. But #thetruthis I've been 20 for a year too many now; I've lost count.

I know my body isn't 20 anymore; there are days where I feel like I must be 50 already. My bones, they creak and I can hear them.

I think I'd most likely be too tired tonight to reflect on the year. πŸ˜…

Coffee break and start of me-time.

Comfort food.
Reminds me of the prenatal yoga days.

The hubs would sit at a nearby cafe to wait for me for a good 1.5 hours for the class to end, and we'd sometimes drive to Siglap and I'd order this.

Concluded my me-time and shopping for the day, with the hubs kindly coming over to pick me up.

I have officially entered auntiehood.
In the span of 3 hours, I had lunch, covered wisma and paragon, and bought:
β–«A dress from seed for Clarissa
β–«Bedsheets for us

I'm not familiar with seed but I walked in because of the sign "Additional 30% off sale items".
A dressy romper costs about $50; a cute watermelon dress (I know right) costs $68 so it must be quite branded. πŸ˜…

A tshirt dress caught my eye and it was a sale item. The original price was $48 and it was 50% off. I went ahead to pay for it and the final bill came to just $16 due to the additional 30% discount.
So much win! 😁

As for the bedsheets, well, I wanted to go to Metro to utilise a gift card.

I set out to find super-king sized bedsheet and duvet cover sets, and found it!

Very expensive though.
Original price $509, after discount $199, after gift card $99.

It's difficult to find super-king sized sheets so ok lah, buy lor. πŸ˜‚

That's all!
I didn't buy much, but the me-time shopping was pretty enjoyable. ✌


My little bun and I, before we headed out for dinner.

She's already sleeping soundly now, and I'm Dayre-ing in bed.

I guess the reflections and resolutions have to wait.. till tomorrow perhaps?

We went grocery shopping after dinner, and she was so intrigued by the lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

She kept pointing at them and looking up with her little mouth open.

Like this. 😁

It looked like she was wondering where the year 2015 went. πŸ˜…

Well, it's 27 minutes to the new year and I'm not quite sure how the year zoomed by.

Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to 2016.

Because we will rock you!